My summer skin care routine

my summer skin care routine

Pictured from left: eye cream / neck cream / day cream / night cream / acne treatment / chapstick (flavor not online, also love cherry)

Skin care is so important all year long; but in the summer months, it becomes even more important. My kids are always outside; whether we are swimming, walking, playing sports, etc., summer is spent in the sun. This means using products with spf protection, and products which keep skin moisturized, are extremely important.

In order to keep my skin at its best, I live by ReVive skincare. They have the best neck cream, and face cream on the market; in my opinion. I have been using the neck cream for over ten years, and my neck looks fabulous! It also has spf protection, which is key here in California. Sun damage can make one’s neck look droopy over time; not to mention increase one’s risk of skin cancer.

ReVive’s face cream has also been a favorite of mine for over ten years. The night cream is something new for me. I just started using it less than two years ago. You can see my full review here. It is so good at repairing my skin overnight. It seems like it takes years off my skin every time I use it. Love love love it!

I have tried so many eye creams over the years. My all-time favorite is by Dolce & Gabbana. It firms up my skin, leaving it silky smooth, younger looking, and fully moisturized. Did I mention it minimizes lines too! Love that!

So you might be looking at my Chapstick and wondering, how does it fit in? Well, I have used Chapstick since I was five years old. It is the only lip balm I will use, and I love it! My favorite flavors are cherry, and strawberry. Sometimes I buy special edition flavors such as orange cream, raspberry, or pomegranate punch. I wish those special flavors were in the permanent collection! The orange cream is to-die-for!

I always joke that I have a combination of wrinkles and pimples on my face. Ugh, it is so true! I have combination skin, so it wrinkles, and gets pimples. It can be really frustrating. I had clear skin in high school, then as an adult, I started to get acne. I wish I had it in high school instead of my adult life, like the rest of the world! I swear I am the only GenX-er still getting breakouts. Ugh, so frustrating. My go-to acne weapon is the on-the-spot treatment pictured above. I love love love it!

What are some of your favorite summer skin care products?

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