MAC Moonday nail polish for summer 2016

mac moonday summer 2016 nail polish swatch

Pictured: MAC Moonday nail polish for summer 2016

MAC Moonday nail polish is a sleek, ethereal color from MAC’s summer beauty collection. This sparkling, sheer white nail polish is clean, sleek, and easy to wear everyday. Love that!

I had never tried MAC nail polish before. When I was browsing the nail polishes coming in for the summer season, Moonday by MAC instantly caught my eye. I am always weary of trying new nail polish brands; I never know if they will be chip resistant, or if the color will paint on evenly. Since the color was so captivating in the bottle, I decided it was worth trying out MAC’s summer 2016 nail polish. I am so glad I did!

MAC Moonday nail polish glided on smoothly. The color was even on the first coat; making the second coat more of a coat for color saturation purposes rather than filling in the blanks. I love how perfectly even the polish sets and dries.

The brush is just the right size. It was incredibly easy to use, and kept the mess down to a minimum. The small handle is easy to hold, making polishing a breeze. Love that!

I tested out MAC Moonday nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. It is extremely chip resistant. I was able to wear the polish for a full week before needing to remove it due to nail growth. I was thrilled!

Moonday by MAC is a really easy nail polish color to wear on a daily basis. Since it is a sparkling neutral, it matches everything! It is the ideal color to wear on toes during the summer 2016 season since it will not clash with any open toe shoes or sandals. It will also enhance a tan. This is how I plan to wear it this summer. Love that!

I am really happy with MAC’s nail polish, so I am looking forward to seeing what colors they come up with next season. Have you tried MAC nail polish before? If so, what were your thoughts?

MAC Moonday nail polish for summer 2016 can be found online here, and here.

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