Au Revoir to all the trends of 2015, and Bonjour to fresh, new styles in 2016!

goodbye 2015 hello 2016


It is the last day of 2015, this means it is time to bid farewell to the good, and the bad, trends of 2015. This past year has been a fairly good year for fashion. There were hardly any trends we found too offensive.

I mean, remember the days of Jeggings, gigantic top knots, and ankle-breaking platforms? Thank goodness those are left in several years past!

2015 was a good year in fashion. Thankfully, many of the trends from 2015 are continuing in 2016. Look for hot trends such as fringe, 1970s inspiration, felt hats, blanket scarves, flare jeans, bucket and drawstring bags, and asymmetrical lines to continue into the new year. Despite the many continuing trends for 2016, there will still be a few trends from 2015 we are thankful to leave behind, and few fresh ones to look forward to as we head in 2016.

Here we go! Out with the old, and in with the new!

Au Revoir 2015!

Marsala: This classic take on burgundy and maroon was a hit in 2015. While Marsala fades into the background for 2015, it will make a small resurgence as a classic autumn color next fall; just don’t bank on it having the IT factor it enjoyed in 2015.

360 earrings: Why were we wearing these earrings? Oh yeah, they were hotter than hot for a nanosecond. Sigh. The days of the back of your earrings being larger than the front of your earring are done. Thank goodness.

Micro-mini bags: The micro-mini handbag went a little it crazy in 2015. So much so, that many handbags appeared too small for a Cabbage Patch Kid to carry. You know there is a problem when your handbag is wearing a handbag. Yikes! Look for small handbags to be the size of choice as we head into 2016. After all, a girl needs her handbag to at least fit a wallet and smart phone!

Comfort shoes: The comfort shoe trend was so hot in 2015, that it burned out before anyone even noticed! Comfort shoes with socks, and comfort shoes in general, are a big no-no in the new year. Whew! No-one will miss this one.

Delicate Jewelry: Delicate, simple, and dainty jewels are more over than over. Look for bold geometric earrings, long necklaces, and artisan jewelry pieces in the new year.

Bonjour 2016!

Rose Quartz/Serenity: The color of 2016 is actually two colors playing together on the playground. Look for Rose Quartz and Serenity both together, and apart. They are the IT hues of 2016.

Earrings jackets: Now that 360 earrings are done, this 1980s earrings trend, which started becoming popular in 2015, is going extra strong in 2016. Look for earring jackets, and interchangeable earrings, in the new year.

Saddle bags: This 1970s shoulder bag style made a splash in 2015, and is already the current IT bag style. Look for more embellished styles in 2016 with details such as hardware, fringe, and mixed fabrications.

Lady Bags: The anti-saddle-bag is the structured lady bag. The single top handle lady bag is in line with the emerging 1950s and 1960s styles we saw on the spring 2016 runways. This is the ideal handbag style for the trend. Look for the lady bag in small and medium sizes. Colors will include neutrals, and pastels.

All-White: Designers loved all-white for spring 2016 during fashion week. Look for all-white ensembles for both daytime and evening. If it looks a little too “baptism” for you, add a pop of color, or break up the silhouette with a Rose Quartz top and/or accessories.

Festive nails: Designers are favoring bright colors, vivid pastels, and nail art for the new year. Look for paint spattered on white nail polish, pastel pink, and shades of blue ranging from pastel to brights to navy’s.

There you have it! A few trends that are “so LY,” and few trends to covet in the new year. Which trends are you glad to leave behind, and which trends are you looking forward to in 2016?

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