Kendra Scott Mirror Mirror for winter 2016

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Kendra Scott’s winter 2016 collection “Mirror Mirror” is here! I am so excited about this jewelry collection. I was able to view it before it hit store shelves when I visited Kendra Scott’s showroom in New York during fashion week. It is so beautiful, I am so glad it is here to share!

The collection combines an ethereal vibe with an edgy flair, which translates into a fashion-forward, yet timeless, collection. Love that!

The Mirror Mirror collection offers a little something for everyone this winter season. There are delicate pieces in opals, iridescent pastels, and neutral druzy’s; as well as seasonless gold, silver, and rose gold. There are delicate pieces, chunky pieces, and pieces begging to be layered.

In addition to stand-alone pieces, Kendra Scott winter 2016 offers sets. These sets come in stackable rings, and small stud earrings. They are both perfect for the new trend towards layering rings, and layering earrings.

I am in love with the stud earring sets! As a GenXer, I still have my double piercings in my ears from the late 80’s, early 90’s. I took the earrings out of my second holes when I worked in the financial district in the mid to late 90’s, and having multiple earrings in one’s ear was against dress code. Ha! Remember office dress codes? I  used to wear a suit everyday! But I digress. . .

The stacked earring trend is back. It can be worn with multiple piercings in one’s ear, or it can be worn with ear crawlers, and ear cuffs. You don’t need all those holes anymore! Of course, since I have them. . .I am eyeing Kendra Scott’s new stud earring sets for winter 2016 because they are perfect for layering! I would love to wear them in my second holes.

I have already indulged in a few pieces from Kendra Scott’s winter 2016 collection, “Mirror Mirror.” I have more pieces on my wish list! Good thing Christmas is coming up, maybe Santa will bring them? A girl can wish right?

You can shop Kendra Scott winter 2016 “Mirror Mirror” online here.

Here are my favorite’s from Kendra Scott for winter 2016:

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