White for fall 2015

white for fall 2015

From left: Top / Satchel / Hat / Saddle Bag / High Heels

White after Labor Day? For shame! Of course, we have been saying that for about a decade now, so why is this new? Well, it might not exactly be a new trend, in fact it could be a new classic look. White for fall 2015 is starting to look more like an investment look, rather than a trend. Imagine that!

The all-white look, or adding white pieces onto an ensemble as a neutral, after Labor Day, has become a standard way of dressing over the past decade. The all-white look is starting to become what the all-black look enjoyed for decades; the go-to look for almost any occasion.

White for fall 2015 can be the perfect neutral in a wardrobe for the autumn season. White can be an accessory which matches anything, or it can be a favorite wrap, shawl, poncho, jacket, or go-to sweater. White for fall 2015 can also be an all-over look; making it the ultimate alternative to wearing all black.

How can I qualify all-white, or white as a year-round neutral, as a new classic? Well, let’s check out the facts. Over the past ten years, wearing white after Labor Day has been considered OK. Although it has been looked at as a seasonal trend, the all-white look has been holding strong; season after season.

All-white looks were dominant on the spring 2016 runways last month; proving the look is continuing into next year. It will not stop! This means white pieces are a great investment this season; or any season. In fact, white is the most versatile neutral after black; since shades of brown are seasonal, and navy is lighter in the spring than the fall.

Although all-white ensembles can add weight, a reason I don’t wear all-white, we can all enjoy wearing white without going completely tonal. White accessories such as a handbag, scarf or pair of shoes, are perfect for enjoying white after Labor Day without adding weight to our figures. My favorite way to wear white is by carrying a white handbag. Although, I am eyeing this white poncho for fall. Doesn’t it look soft and cozy?!

I found a few fabulous white items for the fall 2015 season, and assembled them into the shopping widgets below. I hope you love them!

White handbags for fall 2015:

White clothing for fall 2015:

White shoes for fall 2015:

White outerwear for fall 2015:

White jewelry for fall 2015:

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