Boho prairie skirt outfit on a cool summer day

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Pictured: Earrings: Kendra Scott / Sunglasses: Prada / Lipstick: Chanel 487 Amorosa / Tee: BP / Denim Jacket:  AG / Skirt: Johnny Was / Handbag: Chloe / Ring: Kendra Scott / Nail Polish: Tom Ford: Dominatrix / Shoes: c/o Donald J Pliner

The past few weeks have been so.very.cold! This is the first week of June, and the fog seems thicker than normal. In addition, the cloud cover seems cooler than normal; and the temperatures feel like what February should feel like! I understand this is due to the El Nino pattern way out there in the ocean, but I hope this cool summer weather from El Nino results in the fabulous torrents of rain El Nino has brought us in the past! Can we say “flood of ’82!” Now there is a story! The huge storm of 1982; it was storm which trapped my family inside our house without power for three days! The upside of the flood was the large amount of rainfall we encountered a few years after a horrible drought. But I digress. . .

Since the weather influences what we wear, I always follow weather patterns in order to set my mood for my own personal style. With cooler temperatures, and the thought of El Nino returning rainfall to California, my mood has turned earthy. This earthy mood of mine is what caused me to choose a boho-chic skirt to wear last week. I love this skirt. It has a “Little House on The Prairie” vibe, as well as a chic hippie vibe; all of which take me back to my childhood and that great El Nino storm of 1982. Perhaps wearing this skirt is my own sort of rain-dance? One can only hope 😉

How has the cool weather affected your personal style, and your mood, these past couple of weeks?

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