Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish review

gucci metallic sand

Pictured: Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish

Gucci Metallic Sand is a beautiful, rose gold nail polish hue from Gucci’s beauty collection. Metallic Sand by Gucci offers a neutral nail polish look with a twist. The color acts like a neutral beige or nude nail polish, but offers much more interest than a neutral beige or nude through its’ metallic nature. Love that!

Metallic Sand nail polish by Gucci offers a golden shimmer with rose undertones which gives it an overall warm tone. It plays well with both gold-tone and silver-tone jewelry. Of course, it looks amazing with rose-tone metals! This makes it an easy nail polish color to wear everyday. I can definitely see wearing this nail polish more as move into the summer months. It is light and clean, yet offers more of a unique color than a plain neutral. Lovin’ it!

Since the summer 2015 color palette offers a combination of mixed neutrals, bold pastels, and bright hues, Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish is an easy color to wear since it will blend well with all three color palettes. This is fabulous because we will not need to worry about our nails clashing with our clothing. 

I tested out Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat. The nail polish lasted seven days before chipping! Perfection 😉 This is something I love about Gucci’s new nail polish collection. The nail polish is long lasting and offers a unique mix of colors which are fresh and new. What more could anyone ask of their nail polish?

Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish can be found online here and here.

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