Chunky heeled sandals for summer 2014

Summer 2014 is almost here, and that means we all need at least one pair of fabulous, thick heeled sandals for the hot weather season! Skinny heels can move aside this summer; chunky heels are all the rage for casual looks this season! Chunky heeled sandals float in and out of fashion, so if you have a pair from a past season hiding in storage, bring them out this summer! If not, here are a few things to look for when seeking out your perfect pair of thick, stacked heeled sandals this summer.

1) Look for a thick design. What does that mean? Look for chunky heels which offer a large piece of fabric holding your foot to the sole of the shoe. One thin strap at the ankle and one thin strap at the toes will look proportional to the chunky heel under your foot. Look for proportion and balance when shopping for a stacked heel. Think, “almost bootie” when looking for a chunky heeled sandal.

2) Don’t go too high. Chunky heels are heavier by nature, this can add a dimension to walking many Fashionistas are not used too. If the heel is 5″ tall, it might be too high and too heavy to walk in. Look for a 4″ heel or lower. In fact, 2″ heels are the current “IT” heel height when it comes to a chunky or stacked heel. Love that!

3) Look for a neutral. Since this is a new trend, you may not have a full, chunky heeled wardrobe in your closet. Rather than blowing your last paycheck on ten pairs of thick heeled sandals in every color of the rainbow, look for neutral hues which can carry you into fall. This heel is staying around, so if you start with neutrals this season, next season you can add a trendy color to your shoe closet! For now, stick with shades of tan, beige, grey or black.

4) This chunky heel is a great alternative to the bootie. Wear them with midi skirt, maxi skirts, jeans and shorts! You will love the stable base you have for standing and walking, plus they add a little “funk ” to your overall look. Love that!

To see how I have styled my favorite pair of SixtySeven chunky heeled sandals, click here, here and here.

I found a fwe fabulous pairs of chunky heeled sandals around the web. They are perfect to wear now and into the warm autumn months we enjoy here on the West Coast. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

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