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Pictured: Men’s cologne c/o Jay Z “Gold” edt

Jay Z “Gold” eau de toilette is a fruity-wood based fragrance for men. The combination of grapefruit, vetiver and woody base notes create a soft, sweet, and smooth fragrance experience which is easy for a man to wear on a daily basis. We tested out Jay Z “Gold” edt on Rob for a few days and loved the results! 

Rob wore Jay Z “Gold” while working behind a desk, doing yard-work, going for a jog and attending a backyard BBQ. Throughout all actives, Jay Z “Gold” cycled through the top, middle and base fragrance notes without wearing off too early or becoming overbearing while doing yard-work, jogging or being outside in the sun at a BBQ.

Jay Z “Gold” edt started off with a smooth, fruit scent which was soft and enticing. As the day wore on, Jay Z “Gold” offered a smooth, woody scent which was soft and masculine. At the end of the day, Jay Z “Gold” left a slight vetiver and musk scent which was perfect on a cool spring night.

Base notes: grapefruit, ginger, cardamon

Middle notes: Vetiver Base

Base notes: Amber, Myrrh, Teak Wood, Bourbon Vanilla

Jay Z “Gold” edt is a soft, men’s fragrance which is ideal for wearing on a daily basis. Due to the soft fragrance experience, Jay Z “Gold” edt can easily be worn to the office, the theater, and any activity where there could be tight quarters. Since the fragrance is soft, men will not have to worry about washing it off prior to working out; since many fitness facilities have a “no fragrance” policy. The fragrance notes used in Jay Z “Gold” edt are commonly loved by men; this means it will make a fabulous gift for Father’s Day or any gift-giving occasion! Love that!

Jay Z “Gold” edt also has companion products including deodorant, aftershave balm and shower gel. Use of companion products will layer the fragrance giving it a strong, long lasting scent throughout the day. Jay Z “Gold” also has several gift sets which will be perfect for Father’s Day! 

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