Blue and green for spring 2013

With Emerald green being the color of the year, and shades of blue being hot for the spring season, it is no wonder that one of the popular color combinations for the upcoming warm weather season is the combination of blue and green.

Shades of blue and green are hot for the spring 2013 season. These two colors combined create a fresh color combination which is easy to wear and will definitely turn heads. This oceanic color combination is easy to pull off; especially since blue and green play so well together! Love this!

To rock the blue and green trend, look for solid colors which look nice together such as emerald green skinny jeans paired with a navy or cobalt top. You can also add colorful jewelry, scarves, shoes and handbags! It does not matter how many shades of blue and green you wear at one time, the colors blend easily and appear soft; meaning you would not want to do this with brighter shades such as orange and yellow.

We put together a few blue and green looks to help inspire an oceanic idea from your closet. Hope you love it! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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