Spring 2013 fashion trends: the structured satchel

The satchel is arguably the most classic handbag style on the market. That being said, the satchel also happens to be the current “IT” bag of the spring 2013 season. This means that while carrying any satchel is absolutely fabulous, for the spring 2013 season, structured satchels are even more fabulous. 

The structured satchel is the most timeless type of satchel in the world of handbags. Structured satchels are often carried by women with every type of outfit from workout clothes to jeans to evening attire. Although women are spotted carrying structured satchels with almost any type of ensemble, the traditional and also trendy way to wear a structured satchel is either with professional attire or dressy attire that one would wear to a special event such as a wedding, fundraising luncheon or conference.

There are two types of structured satchels to choose from for the spring 2013 season. Satchels are offered with either one top or two handles. There is not a handle choice which is more fabulous for the spring 2013 season; this is a matter of personal preference, love that!

There are many different color combinations for structured satchels this spring. The trendy version of a structured satchel would feature color blocking, a neon hue or mixed fabrications. For a more timeless investment, structured satchels for spring can be found in solid neutral hues, pastel colors and bright shades. When choosing a color, look for a hue you love and wear no matter which color trends are happening in fashion at the moment; this will give you more longevity with a colorful satchel.

We found a few fabulous structured satchels around the web for spring 2013 and assembled them into this article. We hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous