The return of the mid-size heel

For the past several seasons, high heels have been sky high; and we mean SKY HIGH! The 5” inch heel, which under normal fashion circumstances is considered crazy, has been deemed on the conservative side over the past few seasons. As insane as this sounds, many Fashionistas have been clicking their heels in 6” heels and higher! Ouch!

For the spring 2013 season, flat soled shoes, also referred to as “single sole” shoes, have come back into fashion like wildfire. This means, a return to a heel height which is more comfortable for most women. Although 4” and 5” inch heels are still tinkering around on flat soled shoes, the 1” heel and 2” heel have returned.

Kitten heels (which are traditionally about 1”) the 2” heel are back with a vengeance. Shoe designers such as Valentino and Manolo Blahnik have gone back to the short, mid-size heel height for the spring 2013 season and women’s feet everywhere are cheering. While high heels add height and flatter one’s leg, are ankle-breaking heels really necessary? Nope.

The mid-size heel is back; and on an upward tick. This is the heel height to watch for in the fall 2013 collections as well as into 2014 and 2015. Heels are slowly coming back to earth, and ankles everywhere are breathing a sign of relief. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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