Chanel Emprise nail polish for spring 2013

Spring 2013 has two distinct color palettes; the bright color trend and pastels. One of the easitest ways to wear a color trend is through nail polish. Chanel’s new Emprise nail polish from the spring 2013 beauty collection is the easiest way to wear the pastel trend.

Chanel Emprise nail polish is a vivid, pastel pink which is a cross between sweet, baby pink and candy pink. This vivid hue works perfectly with the seasons’ pastel trend, yet can easily blend into a brightly colored ensemble. Love that!

The vivid pink hue of Chanel Emprise nail polish is also light enough to wear to work or as a neutral; yet vibrant enough to add a little spice to one’s overall look. For Fashionistas who find baby pink, or pastel pink, to be a little too sweet, Chanel Emprise is the perfect answer. This vivid pastel is a grown up shade of pastel pink which offers a mature yet playful vibe.

We tested Chanel Emprise with one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. Chanel Emprise nail polish lasted seven days before chipping on the right thumb. Fabulous!

Chanel spring 2013 beauty collection can be found at Chanel counters and at Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 


Chanel Emprise nail polish spring 2013.

Photo: One base coat, two coats of color. No top coat.

Photo credit: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2013©