Flats for fall 2012

Although fabulous pumps, platforms and strappy high heels look amazing and make us feel fabulous, they really are not appropriate all of the time. There are times when <gasp> even the most fabulous Fashionista needs to sport a pair of dazzling flats. After all, sometimes we do un-fabulous things such as going to the supermarket, pumping gas into our cars and possibly chasing our small children through a parking lot! (hopefully that last part doesn’t happen to you!)

Thankfully there are many fabulous and dazzling flats on store shelves for the fall 2012 season. The rocker-chic trend has brought us studded flats for fall while the sparkle trend has brought us crystal encrusted flats! The kitsch trend has brought us flats with critter faces from designers such as Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Olympia. There are also brightly colored flats, color blocked flats and <meow!> leopard print flats. Love this!

There are so many fabulous flats on the market this fall 2012 season; one has to wonder which pair to pick! And this could cut into our high heel budget; just a warning 

We found a few dazzling flat shoes around the web and assembled them into this article.
Which types of flats for fall 2012 are your favorites? Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 

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