Shades of burgundy for fall

Burgundy, dark cherry, maroon, oxblood; there are several names and shades of burgundy which are traditional for the fall season. For fall 2012, burgundy is one of the more important colors of the season and has been mixed together with the jewel-tone color trend as well as traditional fall colors which have moved front-and-center this fall season.

Burgundy is an easy to color wear. The dark nature of the color is naturally slimming and burgundy can easily be mixed with dark neutrals such as shades of brown and black. Burgundy can also be mixed with navy, mustard, emerald green, rich shades of purple and dark berry shades as part of 2012’s modern color blocking trend.

This is also a color which can easily be worn during the day or evening. Burgundy for fall 2012 is also being found on garments, accessories and in make-up. Since there is such a large amount of burgundy inventory for the fall 2012 season out there, it is important to not go overboard and tonal with burgundy. Burgundy should be one piece of an ensemble for the fall season; with the exception of complimentary make-up hues.

One of the big ways to wear burgundy, maroon, deep red or oxblood this fall is in a handbag. A burgundy (or any deep shade of red or berry) satchel for the fall season is H-O-T and solid colored satchels, as well as color blocked satchels with burgundy in them, are right on-trend for the fall season.

We found a few burgundy and deep red pieces around the web and assembled them together for this article. Hope you love them! Happy shopping and stay fabulous