Digital prints for fall: fashion gets high tech

Prints are huge for fall 2012. Any type of print is hot; from animal prints to kitschy patterns to high tech inspired prints. The biggest trend in prints from the runway, which has taken store shelves and the street by storm, is the high tech inspired print known as the “Digital Print.”

Digital prints for fall may not look like the inside of a computer, but they give the appearance of being created with a digital device rather than freeform by the human hand. These often blurred, digital prints are being found in bright colors as well as classic black and white. Although some designers have mixed prints together on a single frock, as if they were color blocking, the majority of digital prints are being found alone.

Dresses, jackets and blouses are the most common articles of clothing donning digital prints this fall season. Accessories have not joined the trend this fall; but that isn’t to say they couldn’t in a future season 

The silhouettes on digital print dresses this fall are varied. Designers have opted for body conscious styles, a-line vintage style dresses and also tee-shirt style dresses in formal fabrics such as silk.

Digital prints are not for the faint of the heart. They are splashy and will definitely get you noticed. We found a few fun and splashy digital dresses around the web and assembled them together in this article. Hope you love them! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 

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