Black satchels for fall 2012

The black satchel is one of the most classic handbag styles in existence. This iconic handbag silhouette is in almost every Fashionista’s closet, and if it is not, it very well should be!
With fall’s vintage inspired looks and darker color palette, the black satchel has become a favorite handbag choice. The black satchel is being paired with old-world styles, vintage inspired frocks and as a neutral accessory for color blocked ensembles and fall’s vivid prints.

The black satchel is so iconic, it is a handbag worth investing in; even if you think you may not wear it a lot during this upcoming fall season. Even if a black satchel is only pulled out from your closet a handful of times during a season, it will continue to be a classic and easy handbag to wear season after season; without ever looking dated or off-trend. Love that!

Black satchels for fall are being found in both trendy styles and classic, clean silhouettes. The black satchel can be found in smooth, timeless fabrications such as leather, faux-leather, vegan fabrications, exotic skins and nylon. The smooth and clean satchel styles for fall 2012 are generally found in structured handbag silhouettes and are perfect for dressy occasions, a ladies luncheon and the office.

One of the big handbag trends for the fall 2012 season is texture. So it is only natural that the black satchel has found its’ place in the multi-dimensional handbag world. Black satchels are being found for fall in mixed fabrications which offer a 3D effect as well as texture and interest; making the timeless handbag style front and center instead of fading into the background as a necessary accessory to carry.

With the rocker-chic look still in full force as we head into fall 2012, black satchels are also being encrusted with studs. These edgy versions of an iconic classic allow daring Fashionista’s to rock the classic and sleek black satchel trend without giving up their edgy personal style. Fabulous!

You can’t go wrong with a black satchel for fall. This is one trend which may already be in your closet from a past season, and if not, now is the time to invest in the perfect black satchel; not only for fall, but for a lifetime. Happy investment handbag bag shopping, and stay fabulous