Shopper totes for spring offer plenty of room and help you go green

One of the biggest classics, and now, one of the most needed handbags styles in a women’s wardrobe is the shopper tote. With cities such as San Francisco and San Jose banning plastic bags and forcing retailers to charge ten cents per paper bag, consumers are starting to stock up on bags to carry their purchases home from not only the supermarket, from the shopping mall too!

Of course many of us carry around reusable shopping bags from big box stores and supermarkets, but do we really want to carry these same bags at the shopping mall? One of the easiest ways to carry home purchases from the mall, without shelling out ten cents for a paper bag, is to carry a shopper tote. A shopper tote is roomy and can easily fit a pair of shoes, clutch and that new bikini for summer

There are so many choices when it comes to shopper totes for spring. You can choose an on-trend, bright and bold colored tote or go for something classic in black or brown. The most important factor when looking for a shopper tote is to find one that reflects your personal style and goes with the majority of the outfits you enjoy wearing to the mall in your closet.

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