Tru Fragrance declares Iris HipNote for winter 2012

Tru Fragrance, the leading fragrance development company, has declared “Iris” to be the “HipNote” for winter 2012. Tru Fragrance, which is to the fragrance industry what Pantone is to the fashion industry, has found that the majority of new fragrance releases for winter 2012 from both perfumers and designers will include “Iris” as one of their fragrance notes.

“Iris” being the “IT” fragrance note, or “HipNote” of winter 2012 comes as no surprise. Over the past several years fragrances have gone from skin scents to leaving a mild trail behind the Fragrance Fashionista who passes by.

“Iris” is a warm floral note which can easily be combined with other florals to create a medium-heaviness bouquet or it can be mixed with warm woods for a true, cold weather fragrance experience.

Fragrance Fashionistas can easily begin wearing the “Iris” trend now as many new fragrances offer the “HipNote” as thier heart. Look for Chanel No. 19 Poudre, Prada Infusion d’Iris and Burberry Body for a true Iris fragrance experience, before the trend explodes next winter.

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