Goodbye 2011 and all the trends we are happy to leave behind

Happy New Year! 2011 is coming to an end and as we get ready to ring in 2012, let’s reflect on the tired trends from 2011 which are not continuing into the new year, and celebrate those fabulous trends which we will see more of in 2012.

Bye-bye 2011!

Hair feathers and tinsel: While feather extensions and tinsel were favored more by ages 16 and under, a few adults here and there flocked to their hair stylists and had the horrific things attached to their heads. Thank goodness people saw the light and had those things removed. Adios!

Black shoes: Color is the new black. Store black for next year, everyone is bored.

Capes: This fleeting trend never really caught on. While we all ran out and bought a cape, it barely left the closet. Where were we flying to anyway? So last year. Buh-Bye.

Hooker dresses: Tight dresses which barely cover the derrière are so last year. 2012 is all about looser and more flattering silhouettes; plus no-one wants to see your bottom no matter how hot you are-I’m not kidding.

Tights with daisy dukes: While this trend was mainly spotted in Southern California during the fall of 2011, girls wearing tights under cut-offs and daisy dukes was only hot for 24 hours. Just say no. Thank you.

Hello 2012!

Color blocking: While this trend continues from 2011, it has come front and center for the new year. Bring on the multi-colored shoes, handbags and garments! Smile and don’t take it too seriously, this trend is all about F-U-N!

Bold Jewelry: Another continuing trend from 2011. Going back to the mid-1900’s, the new mindset is that “bigger is better” in 2012.

Ankle breaking platforms: The bigger the platform, the hotter the shoe. Flat soles are so two years ago. This trend is not for the faint of heart, make sure you wear it to locations where you won’t have to do much walking. Go BIG!

Clutches: The hottest handbag for 2012 is the clutch. Daytime, nighttime, anytime! Look for bright colors, multi-colors and sparkle. Your clutch should be seen 

Hats: Topping off your look with a hat is all the rage. Look for floppy and colorful hats for everyday and semi-formal attire. For evening events, go royal and try a kitschy fascinator. Hats are fun-make a personality statement.

2012 is all about FUN and making a cheerful, lighthearted statement with your attire. Look for happy bright colors, mixed pastels, fun florals, conversation starting prints, unique jewelry and a hat! Careful in those platforms-pack a pair of flats just in case the balancing act becomes too much 

What are your favorite trends for 2012? Which trends are you happy to say “Good Riddance” to? Leave a comment below or join us on Facebook or Twitter!

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Happy New Years and stay fabulous 

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