Fall 2011 Fashion Trends: The Return of Ladylike Fashion and Leg Coverings

When Louis Vuitton created a Depression-era train station vibe for their fall 2011 runway show, onlookers were instantly taken back to a time of glamour, gloves and satchels. Although Marc Jacobs left legs bare on the runway, a strange trend has started to creep back onto the legs of women everywhere; the dreaded leg covering.

Ladylike fashion is currently dominating store shelves as we speak. While shoppers seek out delicate suiting, satchels and such; nylons and tights are starting to appear as a trend for fall. Gasp!

Ten years ago nylons and tights finally saw the end of their life. As corporate casual took over in the height of the dot-boom, women celebrated and flaunted bare legs as much as possible. Now, as a more formal way of dressing returns to runways and store shelves, the pendulum is swinging back to covered up legs.

While nylons and tights make for a finished look, they are incredibly annoying to wear! Let’s face it, when you rub up against a table, or lean on a chair, a snag can appear and ruin the whole thing. To make matters worse, we have to carry a back up pair, or two, just in case the afore mentioned event actually occurs! In addition to accidental snags during the day, nails are getting longer this fall which means putting on nylons in the morning can be a dangerous activity.

It should be interesting to see if leg coverings return to the fashionable legs of women everywhere, or if they remain on store shelves, unpurchased, as a continued stand against covered up legs. What is your take on leg coverings? Is this a trend you might follow or will you continue to “just say no” to leg coverings and bare those fabulous legs? Feel free to leave a comment below or weigh in on our Facebook page.


leg coverings by bayareafashionista featuring distressed picture frames