Fabulous ways to avoid being pinched on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick ’s Day is this Thursday and anyone who dares to leave the house without wearing green is in grave danger of being pinched! Not only can a Fashionista run the risk of being pinched for not wearing green, the absence of the color being integrated into one’s wardrobe is a fashion faux-pas!

Of course the obvious way to avoid being pinched on Thursday, March 17, 2011 is to wear something in your closet that is green. If you own a green shirt, dress, sweater etc that happens to be the shade o’ the shamrock, then you are in luck! For everyone else, creativity is in order.

The easiest way to wear green and keep the Luck O’ The Irish on your side is to wear a St. Patrick ’s Day tee-shirt. Target Stores have a large amount of Irish themed tee-shirts in stock which start at the nice price of $6. The tee-shirts have a variety of traditional Irish sayings such as “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” “Go Green” and “Lucky Charm.”  

Not into wearing green? Never fear! You can easily avoid the pinch by wearing accessories that are green, or even wearing a green barrette.  If you prefer to go lux, a green gemstone ring or pair of earrings is a good choice. A more light-hearted choice would be a green mardi-gras bead necklace.

No green and no time for shopping? There is still a way to Go Green without getting pinched. Instead of wearing green, BE green! You can use March 17 as day for finding ways around your home to reduce, reuse and recycle. You can also work hard to reduce water and power usage too. If you have clothing or accessories made from sustainable materials, you can wear them and technically be green! And if someone tries to pinch you? Stop them in their tracks by telling them how you have been green for St. Patrick’s Day! Fabulous!

St. Patrick’s Day is a light-hearted holiday which was first celebrated when Catholicism was brought to Ireland. Over time, the holiday became associated with the celebration of the Irish culture. In modern times, the holiday is still a religious holiday for Catholics while the secular world celebrates either the Irish culture, or celebrates for the sake of celebration! As for Fashionistas, religious or not, the holiday is also about making green fabulous. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, try to avoid getting pinched, and stay fabulous