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Greenspiration for St Pat’s Day 2018

From top left: green and gold earrings / green dress / green sunglasses / green satin bag / green satin pumps /

It’s almost here! St. Patrick’s day is a mere five days away, are you armed with something green to wear? The last thing you want to do is get caught not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day! You know those pesky little Leprechaun’s will be out in full force looking for non-green-wearing folk to pinch on St. Patrick’s Day! And let me just tell you, getting pinched hurts! Ouch!

Thankfully, green is showing up in three forms for the spring 2018 season. Traditional emerald green, mint green, and military green. I highly recommend not trying to pass military green off as green on St. Pat’s Day. Those pesky little Leprechaun’s like to call it a form of brown, just so they can pinch you! They aren’t exactly a fashion-forward group of people. It’s best to stick with emerald or apple green. If you just can’t wear it, go for mint. Mint is a little bit more convincing. Yes, I do speak from experience! haha

If you are shopping for spring 2018, this is a great time to pick up something green for both St. Patrick’s Day, and the spring season. Green is a candy color, and candy colors are hot this season!

I scoured the web for fashion forward, and pinch-resistant, green items you can wear on St. Pat’s Day, and throughout the spring season. I hope you love them!

Shop green for spring and St. Patrick’s Day:

Thanks for stopping by, and avoid those pesky little Leprechaun’s!



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

happy st. patricks day 2016

Pictured: handbag / baby’s tutu / earrings / socks / shoes

Wishing you and your loved one a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! May you find your pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow.