winter 2018

Walking in a winter wonderland

wearing: bold silver earrings / lipstick / beanie (old, similar here) / black turtleneck / coat c/o JD Williams / black leather gloves (on sale!!) / Chloe handbag / spring nail polish / black skinny jeans / boots (old, also love this pair)

We recently spent ski week in the Lake Tahoe area, and it snowed! My kids have been in the snow plenty of times, but they had never seen snow actually fall out of the sky! It was so magical for them to go outside and play, while snow-flakes fell out of the sky, and towards the ground. They had a blast trying to catch snow on their tongues, and in their hands. I’m not sure how we have been to Tahoe so many times, yet the kids haven’t seen snow fall out of the sky! I guess the snow was already there when we drove up, and/or it fell out of the sky overnight!

I cook most of our meals in the house when we stay in Truckee, but we do eat out once or twice during our stay. This coat from JD Williams, which is incredibly affordable, was perfect for our dinner out. I love showing off a coat by pairing it with an all-black outfit. It is so easy to show off a coat or jacket by wearing all black. This is also an easy way to turn closet staples into a fabulous outfit with the addition of outerwear. Love that!

This coat was part of my New York Fashion Week day two outfit, but I didn’t wear it the whole day because it turned out to not be cold enough! I’m so happy to have it, and to be able to wear it at home, or in Tahoe!

You can find my warm and cozy coat online here. What is your favorite way to show off a coat?

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Pardon My French

Wearing: spring navy and white earrings / lipstick / blue scarf / pink coat  / “Pardon My French” tee / pale blue handbag / yellow spring nail polish / charcoal trouser jeans / black boots (old, also love this pair)

A-hem, pardon my French, but don’t wear pink and purple together. Well, you can if you want too, but I can’t; I just can’t do it.

You might be wondering, why not? They look great together! Well, when I was in 3rd and 4th grade that was all I ever wore. My whole life was pink and purple together. I originally woke up on day four of New York Fashion Week and planned to wear a purple scarf with my pink coat, but when I looked in the mirror, I had to say no. I just couldn’t do it. I looked like a seven-year-old. So, I replaced the purple scarf with the blue scarf and voila! I look like an adult! Yay for being an adult!

The blue scarf with the pink coat proved to be a good last-minute switch. I got stopped by a few photographers while attending shows, and kept receiving compliments all day. It was quite the ego boost! I need to wear pink and blue together more often! Too bad it is the end of the season, and I am running out of coat weather! <sigh>

My outfit under the coat was pretty simple. I wore my favorite trouser jeans with a casual “Pardon My French” tee and paired the look with my go-to black boots. It was really comfortable, and easy to wear. This tee is so much fun, and it will carry me through the rest of winter, into spring, and of course through summer! Love that!

Do you have any color combos you can’t wear as an adult because you wore them to death as a child?

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Playing with yellow and purple

wearing: yellow tassel earrings (under $15!) (spring earrings!)/ lipstickpurple scarf / Sosken Studios coat (last seen here) (on MAJOR sale!!)  / black tee  (spring tee!) / skinny clack jeans (spring jeans!) / spring yellow nail polish / pale blue handbag / black boots (old, similar here)

I love this coat! You might remember this coat from last November, when I was attempting to wear it as the weather showed a hint of cooling off. The weather in New York was perfect for wearing it on day one of fashion week! Love that!

Since this coat is black and white, it was the perfect backdrop for playing with color. I added a purple scarf, because you know, color of the year ;-), and I also added these fun yellow tassel earrings for an unexpected mix of color. Since my nail polish was yellow too, I thought it was a fun way to mix yellow and purple. Throw in a pale blue handbag and voila-New York Fashion Week fun!


Yellow is starting to have a moment. It is one of the big spring 2018 colors, and it was splashed all over the New York Fashion Week runways for fall 2018 in both a cheerful, sunshine shade, as well as fall mustard. Start stocking up on yellow!

Day one of fashion week was really fun. I saw Tadashi Shoji, Pamella Roland, and Mimi Prober. It was a light day of shows, but with the new venue and set-up this season, it was perfect. I have found that I need a lighter daily schedule anyway in order to get around New York between shows.


Stay tuned! I have a lot of fun New York Fashion Week coverage coming up this week. There are so many new trends to look forward to!

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