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Pictured from top:  1) c/o Ankit noise canceling headphones (under $30!!) / 2) c/o Ankit portable phone charger (under $20!!), MAC Lipstick, handbag, nail polish / 3) c/o Ankit car phone charger (under $10!!)

Do you have a tech savvy person on your holiday shopping list? Wondering how much you need to pay to get her something she will love? Don’t feel intimidated, there are some extremely affordable gift options for the tech savvy girl on your Christmas list from Ankit.

I was recently introduced to Ankit. They have so many fabulous gift products for everyone on our holiday shopping lists! I love all of their affordable tech gear. The noise cancelling headphones are amazing. Not only do they have a cute floral pattern, they actually cancel outside noise and allow you to enjoy what you are listening to. As a busy Mom who needs some “me time,” this is extremely luxurious! If you have someone who loves tech gadgets, and needs some “me time,” then these headphone will be the perfect gift!

If you have been following along, you know I attend fashion week twice a year. During fashion week, I am using my phone constantly without many opportunities throughout the day to charge it up. I rely on portable phone chargers to get me through the day. I love this portable phone charger by Ankit, It is slim, making it easy to slip inside the interior pocket of my handbag. It also charges my almost-dead iPhone 7 up to 100% in no time flat. Love that! If you have a busy girl on your holiday gift list, this is perfect! You can find my portable phone charger online here.

Lastly, when tooling around town, it is nice to be able to charge my phone. I love this car phone charger from Ankit. It has the cutest little pattern on it, and it works like a charm to keep me charged up while I am driving a long distance, or taxing my kids around. This too would be a great gift for the busy, tech savvy girl on your list. Love!

Ankit has so many fabulous tech gear gift items, you can’t wrong with your choice! Here are all my favorites from Ankit. They make great stocking stuffers as well as main gifts for under the tree. Love!

Choix beauty box

choix boxDSC_0938DSC_0939DSC_0940choix box 1DSC_0945DSC_0947

Pictured: c/o Choix

Have you ever wanted to try out make-up on your face and not worry about how many people tried it before you at the store? I have. Nothing is more disgusting than using the samples at the store which are slightly smashed and look like ten thousand people touched them. No thank you!

Choix is an amazing concept. With Choix, you get try out your very own samples of beauty products at home; without other people’s germs! Love that! The samples arrive in a cute little box and are labeled so you know which product is which. You can test out the samples on your face, and use them more than once; until they run out! This is the perfect way to try before you buy. Not only can you test out how a color will look on you, you can see how long lasting the product is and how it reacts on your skin. How fabulous is that!!!

Here is how Choix works: for as low as $15 per month, you receive a sample box and store credit towards the purchase of a full size beauty product. You can select samples from fabulous luxury beauty brands such as Chanel, YSL and more! When you receive your monthly box in the mail, you can test out the products on your face; no germs! Then, you can order full-size products if you loved one or more of the samples you received. You will have a store credit from your subscription which can go towards the cost of the full size product. Love that!

I am a huge fan of Chanel and YSL. My Choix beauty box also contained eye shadow by Bobbi Brown and Dior. I had never tried Dior or Bobbi Brown before, so this was a treat to be able to test out new brands! I loved how the Dior eye shadow stayed on; it was very long lasting! Bobbi Brown was nice too. The color was natural and perfect for daily wear. I may very well need to buy a full size of all three eye shadows in my Choix beauty box!

One more cool fact about Choix, they are based right here in San Francisco! Three cheers for a tech start-up which is revolutionizing the beauty industry!

To learn more about Choix, and to sign up for your very own beauty box, please visit

Cutecircuit spring summer 2015 New York Fashion Week




Cutecircuit sent their spring/summer 2015 runway collection down the New York Fashion Week runway this morning showing a modern fusion between fashion and technology. Many of Cutecircuit’s clothing and accessories offer light-up patterns controlled by technology.

The amazing feature of Cutecircuit’s collection is that many of their designs appear to light up. The lights can be controlled via an app which, using Bluetooth technology, can program the pattern on the garment. This allows the garment’s owner to change the design and/or color on a whim. Tech savvy fashionistas can wear something different everyday without purchasing a whole new wardrobe. Love that!

Cutecircuit’s spring/summer 2015 collection shown at New York Fashion Week featured evening attire, flirty daytime numbers and one-pieces with lightweight coats. The color palette was subdued and included classic black, neutral tones, bronze/metallic shades and creamy white.

The handbags on Cutecircuit’s spring/summer 2015 runway featured neon lights with messages such as “LOVE.” The handbags were hard box clutches and offered a lighthearted touch to the ensembles they were shown with on the runway. 

To learn more about Cutecircuit, please visit

You can see a beautiful video, with a clear look at the collection, on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s YouTube channel. To view the entire CuteCircuit runway show, please click here.

Photos: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2014©