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Pantone Spring 2015 color report from New York Fashion Week

spring 2015 women

Image courtesy of Pantone.

It’s here! Pantone has released their spring/summer 2015 color report from the New York Fashion Week runways. As we have seen throughout the first day of fashion week, muted and soft hues are popular among designers for spring/summer 2015. Pantone has given us the top ten hues favored by New York designers for the spring/summer 2015 collection.

Drum-roll please. . .

The top ten colors for spring/summer 2015 are:


Scuba Blue

Lucite Green

Classic Blue

Toasted Almond

Strawberry Ice




Glacier Grey

Designers in New York are commonly grouping Classic Blue, Lucite Green and/or Scuba Blue together. Toasted Almond is commonly shown with Strawberry Ice or Tangerine. Custard is shown mainly with Classic Blue while Marsala is paired with Glacier Grey or Aquamarine.

There you have it! What do you think of the new spring/summer 2015 color palette? Do you have a favorite color from the top ten?

Cutecircuit spring summer 2015 New York Fashion Week




Cutecircuit sent their spring/summer 2015 runway collection down the New York Fashion Week runway this morning showing a modern fusion between fashion and technology. Many of Cutecircuit’s clothing and accessories offer light-up patterns controlled by technology.

The amazing feature of Cutecircuit’s collection is that many of their designs appear to light up. The lights can be controlled via an app which, using Bluetooth technology, can program the pattern on the garment. This allows the garment’s owner to change the design and/or color on a whim. Tech savvy fashionistas can wear something different everyday without purchasing a whole new wardrobe. Love that!

Cutecircuit’s spring/summer 2015 collection shown at New York Fashion Week featured evening attire, flirty daytime numbers and one-pieces with lightweight coats. The color palette was subdued and included classic black, neutral tones, bronze/metallic shades and creamy white.

The handbags on Cutecircuit’s spring/summer 2015 runway featured neon lights with messages such as “LOVE.” The handbags were hard box clutches and offered a lighthearted touch to the ensembles they were shown with on the runway. 

To learn more about Cutecircuit, please visit cutecircuit.com.

You can see a beautiful video, with a clear look at the collection, on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s YouTube channel. To view the entire CuteCircuit runway show, please click here.

Photos: Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista 2014©

Nicholas K spring/summer 2015 New York Fashion Week




Nicholas K showed their Spring & Summer 2015 collection on the runway this morning at New York Fashion Week. The overall collection featured a fall-like color palette on spring attire which added a fresh twist to warm weather ready-to-wear. The ensembles were soft and flowing; offering movement and texture to the overall looks. It was a chic and fresh take on spring!

To view Nicholas K’s current collection, please click here.

 Photos: Rita/Bay Area Fashionista 2014©