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rewardStyle conference 2020 recap

what to wear to zoom meetings rewardStyle conference recap rsthecon 2020

#rsTheCon 2020 outfit: fall earrings / fall lipstick / fall striped tee / fall nail polish / mug / black linen joggers / fuzzy black slide slippers /

I finally got to go to the rewardStyle conference again! Yay! Last time I attended this conference, also known by it’s hashtag, #rsTheCon, was back in 2017. You can see my recap from 2017 here. This conference normally takes place in April every year, and it is located in Dallas. Spring is my busiest season with my kids, so it isn’t something I can normally go to. I was really excited this year when I received an invitation for the conference because it was digital and in August. Well, that’s one good thing that came out of this pandemic!

Instead of a two day conference filled with parties, networking, speeches, and classroom sessions, #rsTheCon was condensed into a full day conference with speeches, class sessions, and a really fun announcement. Love announcements!

Although no-one could actually see me during the conference since it was on Zoom, I decided to dress up a little bit anyway. After all, it seemed a little odd to wear sweats to a fashion conference. haha So, I grabbed my new tee from my upcoming fall capsule wardrobe and paired it with my go-to linen joggers which I have been wearing since spring; and plan to continue to include in my capsule this fall. It was a comfortable and weather-appropriate look for the day. Since I was at a fashion conference, I grabbed my new fall lipstick and put that on too, along with new fall earrings. Might as well go all the way! Well almost, I paired this warm weather fall look with slippers. Might as well, I attended the conference from inside my home. haha

These slippers have been perfect for warm weather days when I want comfy footwear inside the house. They are slides, so they are cool during the warm weather, yet fuzzy enough for “slipper comfort.” They are perfect for summer and fall; after all, the fall season will still be warm here in the Bay Area. Our weather doesn’t cool off until mid-November.

OK, enough about my outfit, let’s get back to the conference! The first few hours were speeches about the current state, and trends, of the industry. Then, we broke into classroom sessions where we talked about videos, strategies, and updates to the LikeToKnow.It app and more. Oh, and let’s have a drumroll for that big announcement!

Drumroll please. . .

The LikeToKnow.it app now offers videos! Yay! This will make the app really fun for users since you will now be able to find how-to videos, demonstrations of products, and more. The videos will be two minutes or less, so they won’t be time consuming for you. I plan to work on making a few videos soon. I am not a big video person, so there will be a learning curve for me on this one. I hope you enjoy the new feature. I think it’s really exciting!

Shop my #rsTheCon video conference outfit online:

It was exciting to attend the rewardStyle conference again. It’s always nice to learn new tips and tricks, as well as get updated on industry news and trends.

Have you attended any virtual conferences during this lockdown? How was it?

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