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What to pack for Tahoe in the spring

Tahoe spring season packing list

Have you ever asked yourself, “What should I pack for a ski trip in the spring?” I just asked myself this same question while planning my family vacation to Lake Tahoe over spring break in April.

We normally visit Lake Tahoe, or go skiing, over Christmas break, or Ski Week. This year, our schedules were a little crazy with fashion week in February, and my husband’s work trip at the same time. So, we decided to take on Tahoe during spring break. The problem? Spring break is April 2016! This means the snow pack could be questionable, and skiing? Not 100% sure it is on the table.

Our trip included two travel days, and five full days in Truckee; just a few minutes north of Lake Tahoe. We decided to plan a few different activities in order to make sure our kids would have plenty of fun, snow or no snow. In order to combine snow activities, lakefront beach activities, hiking, and poolside fun, I had to make sure we were packed for any adventure.

Here is my packing list for what to pack for Tahoe in the spring season:

Skiing and snow activities:

Ski pants / 3 in 1 jacket / boots / short sleeve tee / gloves / snow hat

*If you own ski or snowboard equipment, be sure to bring it along just in case there is still snow on the slopes. If you don’t own your own gear, you can always rent ski gear, sleds and/or saucers.


Shoes / jeans / jacket / short sleeve tee /

Lounging at the cabin:

Flannel PJ’s / book / slippers / robe

Poolside fun and beach activities:

Swimsuit / cover-up / flip-flops / sun hat / sunscreen travel kit

Shopping and dining on the lake, and in Truckee:

Look 1: Dress / shoes / handbag / earrings / bracelet /

Look 2: jeans / lug shoes / tee shirt / jacket / handbag / earrings / ring

This took up one 21” suitcase, and one 24” suitcase. I also carried my handbag separately, and stuffed my tech into my smaller suitcase. A blogger never leaves home without a DSLR, iPad, iPhone, and small laptop!

Since my kids needed less shoes, and no blogger baggage ;-), they were able to fit similar items into one 21” suitcase. My husband fit all of the above, with no tech, and less shoes, into one 21” suitcase, and one backpack. The trunk of our small SUV was quite full!

This turned out to be the perfect packed suitcase for a trip to a snow resort town during the spring months. A little snow, a little sun, and a ton of fun! Next time you travel to Lake Tahoe, consider visiting in the spring. It makes a great family vacation!

Stay tuned! I have more articles posting later this week about all the fun activities for families in Lake Tahoe in the spring months!

Thank you for stopping by to see what to pack for Tahoe in the spring,