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Top five rose fragrances for spring summer 2015

rose fragrances perfumes for spring summer 2015 trend

From top left: Acqua di Parma / Dolce & Gabbana / Diana Vreeland / Van Cleef & Arpels / Victor & Rolf

Rose is the fragrance note of the moment. This means, rose-based fragrances are hotter than hot for the spring and summer 2015 seasons. If you love sweet florals, this is the season for you!

Rose scents offer a sweet floral fragrance experience which is easy to wear on a daily basis. Rose is not an overbearing fragrance note; making it inoffensive to most people. Rose based scents can easily be worn to the office, in the theater, and on warm days. Rose is a versatile fragrance note which works well under cold, moderate, and warm temperatures. Although normally associated with spring and summer, rose can easily be worn in the fall and winter months due to the warmth of its’ natural scent.

Although there are many rose-based scents on the market which offer classic, sweet floral fragrance experiences; spring and summer 2015 are offering new, more exotic mixes of the popular fragrance note. Victor & Rolf are offering a special edition of their popular “Flowerbomb” fragrance infused with rose as the heart of the fragrance. Some perfumers have even mixed sweet rose with far-east oud!

One of my favorite rose-based perfumes is Van Cleef & Arpels “Extraordinaire Rose Velours.” This rich rose fragrance offers a sweet rose fragrance experience which is not sticky. It is smooth and luxurious; much like all the of the fragrances in Van Cleef & Arpel’s “Extraordinaire” collection. If you love vanilla, I highly recommend “Orchidee Vanille.” It is rich, smooth, and arguably the most luxurious vanilla-based fragrance on Earth. Love! Now, I digress, we are talking about rose, not vanilla!

Dolce & Gabbana’s “Velvet Rose” is from the designing duo’s luxurious line of “Velvet” perfumes. “Velvet Rose” is an amazing blend of several rose notes with a slight musky base. This creates an incredible, rose-based fragrance experience, which is sweet, yet not sticky; and as luxurious as possible. 

The rose trend is not just limited to fragrance. Rose-based home fragrances are also all the rage this season. Rose lipstick is also a beauty trend for the spring and summer seasons. Of course, rose lipstick may not look good on everyone, nor will it match every outfit in ones’ closet. This makes a rose-based fragrance the easiest way to rock the rose trend this season. Rose-based fragrances work well for both casual and dressy occasions; and they are easy to wear both day and night. Love rose!

Here are my top five picks for rose scents this spring and summer season. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Rituals Happy Mist Organic Mandarin & Yuzu light bed and body perfume review

rituals body and bed mist

Pictured: c/o Rituals Happy Mist in Organic Mandarin & Yuzu light bed and body perfume. 

Rituals is one of my favorite bath and body brands. So, when they contacted me about reviewing their Happy Mist in Organic Mandarin & Yuzu, light bed and body perfume, I was thrilled! After all, what in the world is “light bed and body perfume?”

I love fragrance, in the form of perfume. I also love home fragrance, but all in one? I was not really sure what to expect. I was thrilled when I found Rituals Happy Mist in Organic Mandarin & Yuzu light bed and body perfume worked as a beautiful, light citrus body fragrance and also worked well as an air freshener for the bed. Love that!

Since Rituals Happy Mist in Organic Mandarin & Yuzu light bed and body perfume is safe on textiles, hence the designation “bed perfume,” It is OK to spray on after getting dressed; or even when wearing crisp, white clothing! Ritual Happy Mist in Organic Mandarin & Yuzu light bed and body perfume is made to be sprayed on both the body and fabric. This means that is will not stain textiles (fabric) and does not contain alcohol. This added benefit makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Love that!

The Mandarin & Yuzu scent is fresh and pretty. I am looking forward to trying more products by Rituals in this fragrance group. I am also looking forward to trying more light bed and body perfume from Rituals!

Rituals Mandarin & Yuzu in Organic Mandarin & Yuzu light bed and body perfume can be found online here.

Agraria Bitter Orange candle in woven crystal review

agraria bitter orange candleagraria bitter orange candle holiday giftPictured: Candle in woven crystal c/o Agraria shown in Bitter Orange.

If you have been following along lately, you may already know I am a huge fan of Agraria home fragrance. I have Agraria AirEssence Diffuser’s in my home already, so I really wanted to try one of Agraria’s candles in order to experience more of Agraria’s home fragrance products. I love burning scented candles in the cool, late-fall, and winter weather. There is something warm and comforting about a candle in cold weather. Since one of my favorite fragrances to wear is orange, I thought it would be amazing to scent my home with an orange laced candle.

I was thrilled when I received my Bitter Orange scented candle from Agraria. Not only did the candle smell amazing, it was housed in a beautiful woven crystal jar. I love the idea of a formal candle and I decided to display it in my formal living room with a crystal turtle, and next to one of my kids baby pictures. Not only did the candle look amazing on my end table, it filled the room with a fabulous, bitter orange scent. Love that! 

Although I tend to wear citrus scents in the warm, summer months, there was something warm and inviting about the Bitter Orange scent from the Agraria candle which fit perfectly into the cool weather. 

This beautiful candle is housed in woven crystal with a silver-plated cap. The cap features Agraria’s crest stamped onto the top. Agraria’s Bitter Orange candle in woven crystal not only looks amazing in my home, it smells amazing too. I cannot wait to fill my home with more candles from Agraria! I also plan to pick up a few to give out as Christmas gifts this year. Perfection!

Agraria’s Bitter Orange candle in woven crystal can be found online here and here.