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Pantone declares Tangerine Tango the color of 2012

Pantone, the expert on color trends for fashion, interior design-and anything that comes in color, announced today that the color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango 17-1463. Bye-bye- Honeysuckle! Of course, we here at Bay Area Fashionista suspected this could be the case since the runways in Paris, Milan, New York and London were filled with the reddish-orange hue. When Pantone declared the top ten colors of spring 2012 back in September, Tangerine Tango looked like it was in the lead for being declared the “IT” color for the new year.

Tangerine Tango is an interesting shade since many people in the world are not a fan of the color orange. Although designers fancied the bold hue in their runway collections for the spring 2012 season, it should be interesting to see if store buyers decided to stock their shelves with Pantone’s Tangerine Tango, or if they decided to stick to colors which traditionally have been more popular with shoppers such as bright yellows and bold blues.
At any rate, if orange is your thing, shop for Tangerine Tango items now! Before they disappear from store shelves; after all, Pantone has declared it is the ultimate color for the spring 2012 season.
Not into Tangerine Tango-or any shade of orange, but feel compelled to rock the shade anyway? Never fear! You can easily rock Pantone’s color of 2012 Tangerine Tango without feeling too bright. Pick up a fabulous orange clutch or orange shoes and pair your bold accessory with a neutral outfit or crisp white dress. You will be HOT for spring 2012 and you won’t have to worry about the bright orange color being too overbearing.
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Resort 2012 Fashion Trends

As resort 2012 begins to roll onto store shelves, Fashionistas everywhere are getting a sneak peek into what will be hot for spring 2012. Some of resort 2012’s biggest trends are also going to be hot for spring 2012; why not get a jump start on the new trends!

Bold, Bright, Neon Colors: The color trend continues and resort 2012 is bringing every shade under the rainbow to the forefront in bright, bold and neon hues in order to allow everyone to get noticed. Neutrals step aside, tis’ the season to be bold!

Floral Prints: Prints are huge for spring 2012 and are making their presence known early on in the resort collection. Floral prints are presenting themselves in a variety of forms including, but not limited to, painterly, small flowers, colorful and splashy flowers and of course, classic florals reminiscent of Laura Ashley in the 1980’s.

The High Neckline: One of the biggest trends appearing in the resort collections is the high neckline. Over the past few seasons necklines have varied; without one particular neckline capturing the attention of the fashion world. Resort 2012 brings a new neckline front and center; literally 

The neckline dominating the resort 2012 attire is a high neckline in the form of a crew-neck or boat-neck. While v-necks, cowl-necks and asymmetrical necklines are still fabulous for resort, the high neckline is instantly becoming the ultimate neckline for the season. The perfect high neckline starts right at the collarbone and appears on a body-conscious silhouette.

The Colored Handbag: Step aside boring black bag! While colorful handbags have been hot since last spring, the bright accessory is stepping things up a notch for resort 2012 and spring 2012. Pick your favorite color and you’re in like Flynn; literally!

The Bright Shoe: It is only natural that bright, bold and neon hued shoes step front and center for the resort 2012 season, after all, the handbags natural competitor for “Most Fabulous” is the shoe. The brighter the shoe, the hotter it is. Look for color blocking and shockingly bright colors. Tis’ the season to bring your best foot forward!

The Wedge Sandal: It’s baaaaaa-aaack! That’s right; your eyes are working correctly. While the wedge sandal took a hiatus a year or two back, they crept back into fashion in spring 2011 and are taking the resort 2012 world by storm. Wedges are being shown in cork, rope (espadrille), stacked wood, covered leather and some designers, such as Valentino, are even embellishing their wedges with rocker-chic studs. Love it!

Resort 2012 is a great time in the shopping calendar to snap up a few items for the warm weather months; or an exotic vacation during the cold winter season to a warmer location. When choosing items from the resort 2012 collections, look for styles which look good on, that you cannot live without and which will easily carry into spring 2012; happy shopping and stay fabulous 


Resort 2012 Fashion Trends: The Lace Trend falls back into spring

Lace has been a huge trend from the runways since spring 2011. Lace embellishment, overlays and edgings have been popping up throughout the year on apparel, shoes, handbags and even jewelry. As lace is found throughout stores for the fall season, it is also popping up in resort collections for 2012. Not only has lace been found in cruise resort 2012 collections, the garments have already appeared on the red carpet by the likes of Anne Hathaway!

Since resort/cruise collections are usually a snapshot into spring, it is safe to say lace will continue well into 2012. In fact, lace has already been spotted in the spring 2012 collections which have graced the runways in Berlin and Sydney. This means one of the best investment purchases a Fashion-savvy shopper can make right now is to buy lace. Anything lace!

There are many ways to wear the lace trend right now and into the upcoming seasons. If you love lace go for a lace overlay gown or dress such as the one Anne Hathaway is wearing from the resort 2012 Alexander McQueen collection in the photo below. Another way to wear lace is to use it as an accent. Why not pair lace high heels with a solid black dress?

Jewelers have also latched onto the lace trend with either fabric incorporated into the overall design of a piece or metal forced into the shape or pattern of lace. The one thing to remember when purchasing a lace item for the lace trend is to look for an item you can wear in any weather with the addition of a jacket or scarf for cooler weather. Or make it easy and choose an accessory! Happy shopping and stay fabulous 


lace trend by bayareafashionista featuring a lace cuff bracelet