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Playing with yellow and purple

wearing: yellow tassel earrings (under $15!) (spring earrings!)/ lipstickpurple scarf / Sosken Studios coat (last seen here) (on MAJOR sale!!)  / black tee  (spring tee!) / skinny clack jeans (spring jeans!) / spring yellow nail polish / pale blue handbag / black boots (old, similar here)

I love this coat! You might remember this coat from last November, when I was attempting to wear it as the weather showed a hint of cooling off. The weather in New York was perfect for wearing it on day one of fashion week! Love that!

Since this coat is black and white, it was the perfect backdrop for playing with color. I added a purple scarf, because you know, color of the year ;-), and I also added these fun yellow tassel earrings for an unexpected mix of color. Since my nail polish was yellow too, I thought it was a fun way to mix yellow and purple. Throw in a pale blue handbag and voila-New York Fashion Week fun!


Yellow is starting to have a moment. It is one of the big spring 2018 colors, and it was splashed all over the New York Fashion Week runways for fall 2018 in both a cheerful, sunshine shade, as well as fall mustard. Start stocking up on yellow!

Day one of fashion week was really fun. I saw Tadashi Shoji, Pamella Roland, and Mimi Prober. It was a light day of shows, but with the new venue and set-up this season, it was perfect. I have found that I need a lighter daily schedule anyway in order to get around New York between shows.


Stay tuned! I have a lot of fun New York Fashion Week coverage coming up this week. There are so many new trends to look forward to!

Shop my New York Fashion Week outfit from day one:

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Packed and off to New York Fashion Week

pictured: bold purple and gold earrings / lipstick / coat (sold out, also love this one) / corset top (last seen here) / pale blue handbag / spring nail polish / cropped boyfriend jeans / boots (old, similar here)

I’m packed and on a plane to New York for fashion week! This week will be jam-packed with the latest designs from New York for the upcoming cold weather season, fall/winter 2018/19. In addition to seeing next fall’s fashions, it will be interesting to see the current phase fashion week is in.

If you follow fashion week news, and have been reading up on it over the past few years, then you know changes are in place. If not, then let me hit rewind:

A decade ago, New York Fashion Week took place at Bryant Park in New York and attracted all of the hottest, biggest designers in the United States. As it grew, IMG moved New York Fashion Week to Lincoln Center. My first fashion week was at Lincoln Center, and it was completely different then it is now. When NYFW was held in the tents set up at Lincoln Center, there were four runways, a bar in the middle of the tents, music, and several vendor booths from NYFW sponsors. It was a party. All you needed was a press pass to get into the tents, then, you could stand in line for any show you wanted to see, and if there was room, they would let you in and you could stand in the back. My first fashion week, I only had three invites. I saw a ton of shows by lining up in the tents with my press pass. It was fun, and the energy was high.

Then, in February 2014, everything changed. IMG decided it was time to stop the party and make fashion week more exclusive and serious. Even with a press pass, you were not allowed inside the tents without an invitation. This meant I needed to make sure I had more then three invites to shows. IMG did this because when there was a party vibe in the tents, there were a lot of people sneaking into the tents without invitations or  press passes. So many people were inside treating it like a party; while the rest of us where there to work. It was hard to move around. Despite the high fun vibe, the party-crashers turned it away from a fun “industry trade show” and into something totally different. The move by IMG to pull back the red carpet was needed, and it made fashion week better. Then. . .something shifted. . .

For a few more seasons the exclusive, invitation-only fashion week was fabulous. I loved having my schedule set, and not needing to weave around party-people while attending the shows. It was so much more professional. Then, after a couple of seasons, the official fashion week went from four runways to three. Then, announcements were made about fashion week getting a permanent home in the new Hudson Yards development; leaving the world of tents behind. More and more designers started showing off-site, and due to NYFW’s contract with the city, the shows were moved to temporary homes at two Skylight locations.

The Skylight shows were a logistical nightmare; and myself, along with many others, had trouble getting from show to show on time. I missed so many shows that first season at the Skylights! After two seasons with the runways split between locations, NYFW stayed put at Skylight Clarkson. They had three runways, with one smaller space a short drive away set up for emerging and indie designers. While all of these changes were taking place, more and more designers started to recognize the changing face of retail, and how social media impacts how consumers view fashion week.

Consumers were consuming so much  media during fashion week, they were burnt out by the time the collections hit store shelves for the following season. They had already seen their favorite runway look splashed all over Instagram or Facebook. So much so, they were bored. Designers decided to take the bull by the horns, and they introduced the “see-now-buy-now” concept. Some designers have been really successful with this concept, such as Rebecca Minkoff, while others have tried it, and then moved on to other alternatives. Some designers have pulled out of fashion week altogether in favor of private showroom appointments, or off-season shows.

This season, New York Fashion Week has moved south again; to Spring Studios where they have two runways, with one off-site runway at Industria, farther north. With less runways, there are less shows. I have found many of the designers I am used to seeing are simply not showing; or have moved to other locations such a Milan, Miami, or London.

That being said, I do have invitations to over seventeen shows I can attend, with roughly six I had to turn down. So I will have plenty of shows to cover for you! Also, as more well-known designers move to alternate forms of promotion, fashion week is giving us more new and emerging designers to check out. It should be fun to see these newer and less known designers in person. Who know, one of them could become the next big thing! Plus, I will still see some of your favorite, well-known designers at fashion week; what I have written is my observation and a generalization of the changing landscape of New York Fashion Week. Who knows, ten years from now perhaps we will be doing something totally different then fashion week. Perhaps runways will turn into a whole new concept. What that will be, we will have to wait and see.

Stay tuned while I see shows, and bring you the latest trends from the runways in New York! I will be posting live footage on my Insta-stories and Facebook-Stories; so be sure to check them out! I will also be backstage at a couple shows, so I am looking forward to bringing you some insider footage!

What’s inside my NYFW suitcase:

What’s inside my NYFW beauty bag:

As a consumer, what are your thoughts on fashion week? Do you like seeing the next season on the runway? Or, do you prefer a more shoppable format where you can see it on the runway, and instantly buy it on your phone or laptop?

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The return of the pleated skirt

pleated skirts for fall fall pleated skirts fall handbag shoe trends how to wear a pleated skirt fall 2017

wearing: blue tassel earrings / Chanel lipstick / blue ruffle sleeve top / black leather and silver watch / Chanel fall nail polish / Givency bag / bold silver cuff (on major sale!!) / black metallic pleated fall skirt / blue velvet booties (so comfy!!)

Remember a couple of years ago when pleated skirt were all the rage? They seemed to disappear for one year, and now they are back! For fall 2017, pleated fall skirts are hotter then hot; and I am thrilled!

I love pleated skirts for fall because they are a flattering silhouette on almost every body type. Pleated skirts can be dressed up for dinner, the theater, church, or date night. They can also be worn casually with street sneakers, flats, or sandals for a feminine daytime look. Love that!

Two years ago, pleated skirts were being shown in solid colors, and in prints. They were usually made from a polyester fabric. For fall 2017, pleated skirts are being shown in velvet, faux suede, and thick, autumnal fabrications. This metallic skirt I am wearing in this post is made from a thin, faux suede-like fabric which feels so luxurious. Love!

These photos were taken while I was in New York for fashion week. I wore this outfit on Sunday when I attended seven shows. The shows I attended that day were Francesca Liberatore, Dan Liu, Nina Tiari, Leanne Marshall, Rinat Brodach, Vivienne Hu, and Jared Zhang. Whew! It was a full day, I am not quite sure how I squeezed in any food! Room service is a life saver during fashion week!

I’m excited about this skirt because back home, I can wear it casually with a sweater and boots during the day, or I can dress it up with a black top and high heels for evening occasions. This will be my go-to skirt for fall!

These booties also happen to be a new favorite of mine. They are really comfortable, and kept me going all day long! The velvet is soft and the heel hits my foot in the right spot to give me a bit of arch support. I am looking forward to wearing these often during fall with skirts, dresses, and jeans.

The next item on my wish list is a velvet pleated skirt. I cannot wait to find the perfect one! Fingers crossed I find one in blue or burgundy. Wouldn’t that be fabulous! What do you think of the pleated skirt trend for fall 2017? Is this one you will be wearing?

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Photos by Dawn/Fashion Should Be Fun

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