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Trends for fall 2024 from NYFW

Photo: Leanne Marshall fall 2024 New York Fashion Week, photo credit: Leanne Marshall PR

New York Fashion Week was quiet this season, as many designers opted for more creative ways to showcase their fall/winter 2024/25 collections instead of traditional runways. In addition, NYFW’s behind-the-scenes organizers, such as the CFDA and IMG have removed the covid-era live-streams from the majority of designer shows and brought back the exclusive, you-had-to-be-there vibe.

In addition, fashion week has taken a backseat on social media since the covid-era, making it a quiet event in the background. As someone in the press, I continue to follow the shows from home, instead of trekking across the country and attending in-person as I did a decade ago and pre-covid. I have to admit, covering the shows, and seeing what is coming in for the next season is rather enjoyable from the comfort of my office as opposed to braving the snow, flying across the country, and worrying about my daily outfits. It will be interesting to see, as social media evolves, if fashion week eventually turns back into the event it morphed into from 2016-2020, or will it stay in its pre-influencer, exclusive bubble. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s talk fall 2024 trends from New York Fashion Week!

First off, speaking of non-traditional runways, how fabulous is this photo from Leanne Marshalls fall/winter 2024/25 show? She showcased her fall collection on the ice, and showed how the fabrics can flow, movement, and a lighthearted vibe. It was a return to Bryant Park, NYFW’s old home, and a nod to her fifteen years of fashion since her debut at Project Runway. When I used to attend NYFW in person, I always enjoyed her shows and collections. She is extremely talented, and her designs are always amazing. I love her use of color for fall in this collection. Fabulous!

Now, let’s chat about a few dominant trends from the runways for the fall 2024 season.

  1. Oversize Suiting: Gone are the days of the cropped blazer, the fitted blazer, and the slim trousers. The power suit for fall will offer relaxed fits, and oversize silhouettes. Thankfully, this is a comfortable way to wear a suit.
  2. Metallics: Not really groundbreaking, I mean, it seems like a “trend” every fall season. But, all shades of metal are hot for fall. So keep your silvers, golds, and metals, they will still be relevant in the autumn season.
  3. Feminine Touches: Touches of lace, bow details, flowing skirts, one-inch heels, soft fabrics, and skirts that blow in the wind. There is a return to feminine fabrics and dressing as a whole.
  4. The return of Faux Fur: It was only gone for two seasons. I guess we couldn’t resist! Pull out your faux fur from the back of your closet, this trend is back. Look for faux fur touches on collars, as well as full blown coats and jackets. It’s fuzzy time.
  5. Autumn Hues: Traditional autumn hues are hot again for fall. Think reds, oranges, greens, and yellows.
  6. Chain Bags: This classic handbag style seems to have moved to the front of the handbag pack. Pull out your Chanel bags, or invest in a more affordable version from Tory Burch or Coach. Long live the timeless chain bag!

Well, there you have it. The short list of what’s hot for fall 2024 from the New York Fashion Week runways. Continue to invest in your wardrobe with timeless pieces and save trendier items you love. The pendulum keeps swinging, and what you have stored in the back of your closet will eventually swing back in!

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Photo: Gita Omri fall 2024 runway New York Fashion Week, photo credit: GoRunway /

Leanne Marshall spring 2018 New York Fashion Week

leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw

How beautiful is Leanne Marshall’s spring/summer 2018 collection! Every New York Fashion Week, her collection sweeps down the runway in dreamy silhouettes, with flowing fabrications. How can one not be in love! I’m swept off my feet!

For the spring 2018 season, Leanne Marshall showed vivid colors, and a few non-gala options which can be worn during the day, or evening, depending on the event or occasion. These ready-to-wear options from her collection bring her dream-like collection closer to the streets, where it can be integrated into one’s everyday wardrobe. Can I just tell you how exciting this is?! It is exciting!!!

I would love to get my hands on that printed dress shown at the top of this post, or that fabulous yellow skirt from the runway. The colors are so vivid and beautiful, she has really outdone herself for spring 2018!

Her designs are unique, fashion-forward, fresh, and inspire others. In addition, when you see her clothing in person, you can see the high quality craftsmanship and detailing which make her clothing fit perfectly, drape correctly, and look downright dreamy. I can’t tell you how often I see uneven hems, stitching, and flaws on runway clothing. Leanne Marshal always has her game above and beyond expectations. Love!

Is it spring 2018 yet? I want this collection to hit store shelves!

You can shop Leanne Marshall’s ongoing sample sale online here.

leanne marshall spring 2018 nyfw

NYFW fall 2017 photo journal

New York Fashion Week for fall/winter 2017/2018 went by fast for me this year. I only attended four days due to my children’s schedules. I would have loved to stay in New York longer and have been able to attend more shows, but my family comes first. That being said, I was thrilled to be able to go for four days and see all of the shows that I attended.

Here is a journal, or recap, of my four days at New York Fashion Week for the fall/winter 2017/2018 collections. These photos feature my favorite look from each runway, or a final walk video from my iPhone. (apologies for iPhone video quality-the lighting from my seat wasn’t always optimal for me to captures still photos) If I wasn’t able to capture a photo, or a video, I have provided professional photos for you.

Stay tuned! I have plenty of trend reports and runway recaps coming up soon!

Day One

nicholas k fall 2017 nyfw

Nicholas K

Collection was a nod to the social struggles in the 1990s and how we are reliving them today.

ane amour fall 2017 nyfw

Ane Amour

Romantic collection filled with purples, fall florals, and easy to wear styles.

tadashi shoji fall 2017 nyfw

Tadashi Shoji

Collection evoked a 1970s nightclub vibe. Full post online here.

noon by noor fall 2017 nyfw

Noon by Noor

Beautiful collection filled with soft neutrals, soft fabrics, and modern takes on closet staples.


Photo credit: Luzena Adams Photography

Relaxed, layered collection fusing neutrals with soft prints. Love this dress!

Katie Gallagher

Photo credit: Shaun Punch Photography

There was a dark, 1990s vibe with all-black looks. Love this bomber jacket.

michael costello fall 2017 nyfw

Michael Costello

Take me to the disco! This was an amazing show which highlighted the girl who can walk into a room and command everyone’s attention. Full post online here.

Day Two

dan liu fall 2017 nyfw

Dan Liu

Feminine collection with a nod to the late 1960s


Feminine and sophisticated collection. Love!

Hakan Akkaya

A nod to the politically charged, angry side of the 1990s. An all-black, slightly metallic collection.

Concept Korea

LOVED this show! Concept Korea included three designers, P.Y.H., Kimmy. J., and YOHANIX. They all showed a playful, colorful, fresh, and fabulous collection. Loved all three! This pink number was my favorite of the show.

RtA fall 2017 NYFW


RtA showed an uber cool, urban casual collection. This coat was my favorite. Click here for full post.


Photo courtesy of In-Spades.com

Day Three

Asia Fashion Collection

Showcase of new, up-and-coming designers from Asia. Loved this menswear look on the runway.

Taoray Wang

Beautiful and sophisticated collection. I could see it perfectly in person, but none of my photos came out. I was so sad! Thankfully Taoray Wang’s PR provided me with this shot of one of my favorite runway looks. Isn’t it fabulous!

Photo courtesy of Taoray Wang PR

Romeo Hunte

This jacket! That skirt! Urban cool at Romeo Hunte for fall 2017. I’m in love with this outfit!

Yuna Yang

Beautiful collection with romantic prints and flowing fabrications. This was my favorite runway look.


None of my photos came out, so this is the final walk snapped on my iPhone.

This was one of the most beautiful collections I viewed at New York Fashion Week. Look for the floral midi dress-it was my favorite. Love!

A Detacher

Always a fabulous collection. A Detacher showed lace, plaid, and red! This red bag and the lace plaid in the background caught attention. Love!


I wasn’t able to take pictures, but thankfully Georgine’s PR sent me some beautiful runway shots. This was my favorite look from the runway. I need this coat in my life. LOVE!

francesca liberatore fall 2017 nyfw

Francesca Liberatore

This was my favorite look on the runway. Click here for full post on this stunning collection.

Day Four

Marcel Ostertag

Marcel Ostertag is one of my favorite NYFW designers. His collection was luxurious, soft, and something to covet for fall. This beautiful dress was my favorite look on the runway. Look at the sleeve details. Stunning.

Elizabeth Kennedy

This was a gorgeous collection of gala evening gowns. This dress in the middle is a dream.



Verdad showed a beautiful collection which was feminine and wearable. This coat was my favorite piece on the runway. Love!

Photos courtesy of Verdad PR taken by Noam Galai

Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona showed a colorful collection with an ode to individuality and “shining the light.” It was built around iridescent lame, metallic fabrics, laminated fabrics, texture, glitter, Lurex thread, and sparkling precious stones. It was amazing!

Leann Marshall

Leanne Marshall showed a beautiful collection. It was a fun, lively collection, perfect for the girl who is young at heart, yet completely glam. Love!

Photo courtesy of In-Spades.com

Vivienne Hu

Always one of my favorite collections at fashion week. Hu played with texture; showing fabulous coats, stripes, and fabrications. Loved this look on the runway.


Politically charged and avant-garde. Just. wow.

Stay tuned for my upcoming trend coverage from New York Fashion Week for the fall/winter 2017/2018 season!

Until next season . . .