Voloom hair volumizing iron review

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Pictured: Voloom Hair Volumizer c/o iFABBO / Earrings: Bauble Bar / Shirt: Gap (sold out, also love this one)

I have the type of hair that lays flat and also gets wavy. The one thing my hair does not have is natural volume. I was thrilled when iFABBO offered me the chance to test out Voloom’s Hair Volumizer. I was hoping this would be the device that gave me full hair.

I tested out Voloom’s Hair Volumizer on my hair. In order to use the device you have to pin up your top layer of hair. This is easy to do since Voloom provides you with clips. The idea is that you use Voloom’s Hair Volumizer on the hair under your top layer of hair. The volumizer works by separating your hairs in a checkerboard pattern which adds volume. After you add volume to your bottom and middle layers of hair, you release the clips and let your top layer of hair fall over your middle and bottom layers of hair. 

My hair is quite long and I am overdue for a haircut; so my hair has a lot of weight to it. I used Voloom as directed and did see an increase in volume I was surprised to see an increase in volume in my hair! I look forward to using Voloom every-time I want volume.

Voloom can be found online here.

Dermalogica skin hydrating booster review


 Photo: Dermalogica c/o iFABBO

I love being outdoors; which includes swimming, playing tennis, hiking and watching my kids play sports from the sidelines. This means my skin is constantly in the sun, wind; and who knows what! My biggest skincare challenge is keeping my skin moisturized so that it does not get dry, flaky and start to peel. So, I was thrilled when iFABBO sent me a sample of Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster to test out. This sounded like the product my embattled skin needed!

Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” is used after applying moisturizer. My moisturizer is normally fine, except in the mid to late spring when my skin is in the sun a lot and gets a workout! I applied Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” after my facial cream and it added a little bit of softness to my skin. I proceeded to watch my daughter’s soccer game and then my son’s little league game; leaving my face out in the sun and wind for roughly three hours.

When I got home, I was thrilled! Instead of my skin feeling dry, it felt perfect! My skin felt the same after three hours in the sun as it had when I first left the house in the morning before the games. This is definitely the add-on my skin needs on days when I am outside!

I will rate Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” five out of five stars 😉

Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” is priced at $56 and can be found online here, here and here. Use code BOOST to receive 15% off your purchase now through May 31, 2014. 

A few must-have beauty tools

holiday beauty13_1

Photo from left: Save Our Sweaters c/o ifabbo / Makeup Geek New Years Eve  c/o ifabbo/ NYX Butter c/o ifabbo/ c/o Laura Mercier Hand Cream / Becca Brush c/o ifabbo / Bon Bliss c/o ifabbo/ ReVive Face Cream / La Mer eye cream

I have a few favorite “go-to” items during the cold weather months. These items help me solve many beauty and fashion problems which occur during the cold weather! Here is a breakdown on a few of my favorite cold weather “go-to’s” during the holiday season:

“Save Our Sweaters” this solves the problem of pilling! How many times have you felt like you needed to retire your favorite sweater because you wore it so much, it started to pill! Problem solved with “Save Our Sweaters.” This product carefully and gently removes pills from knits. Who knew this was possible?!?! 

Skin Care: Let’s face it, the cold weather and constant exposure to artificial heat wreaks havoc on our skin. My “go-to” solutions? Laura Mercier hand cream, ReVive face cream and La Mer eye cream. Moisture has returned. Ahhhhh. . .

Lips: There are so many lip balms on the market today yet most of them do not offer a fashionable touch of color while protecting your lips from the cold air. My “go-to” lip balm? NYX Butter. It adds a touch of red which keeps my appearance in check and my lips moisturized. Love!

Make-Up brush: The holidays are filled with over-night trips, ski vacations and tight schedules. This means little to no time in the morning to do a full beauty routine. Never fear, the Becca Brush is here! This fabulous make-up brush allows you to apply your foundation, blush, powder and more without having to clean the brush between applications. Not only that, when you pack for a trip, you only need to pack one brush! What will you do with all that extra space in your suitcase? I end up packing more lipsticks 😉

Warm and cozy bath: “Bon Bliss” is a candy-like bath moisturizer which is perfect for cold weather dry skin. Plus, who doesn’t love a warm bath, which smells like delicious candy, on a cold day! I love how soft my skin is from using Bon Bliss, you will love it too!

The perfect eye shadow for New Years Eve.  Makeup Geek’s “New Years Eve” eye shadow is the perfect party eye shadow hue for the festive holiday season! It i sparkling, gold and ideal for holiday soiree’s and a New Years Eve bash!

Happy Holidays and sparkle on 😉

What are your favorite beauty tools during the cold weather and busy holiday season?