Dermalogica skin hydrating booster review


 Photo: Dermalogica c/o iFABBO

I love being outdoors; which includes swimming, playing tennis, hiking and watching my kids play sports from the sidelines. This means my skin is constantly in the sun, wind; and who knows what! My biggest skincare challenge is keeping my skin moisturized so that it does not get dry, flaky and start to peel. So, I was thrilled when iFABBO sent me a sample of Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Booster to test out. This sounded like the product my embattled skin needed!

Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” is used after applying moisturizer. My moisturizer is normally fine, except in the mid to late spring when my skin is in the sun a lot and gets a workout! I applied Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” after my facial cream and it added a little bit of softness to my skin. I proceeded to watch my daughter’s soccer game and then my son’s little league game; leaving my face out in the sun and wind for roughly three hours.

When I got home, I was thrilled! Instead of my skin feeling dry, it felt perfect! My skin felt the same after three hours in the sun as it had when I first left the house in the morning before the games. This is definitely the add-on my skin needs on days when I am outside!

I will rate Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” five out of five stars 😉

Dermalogica’s “Skin Hydrating Booster” is priced at $56 and can be found online here, here and here. Use code BOOST to receive 15% off your purchase now through May 31, 2014.