Voloom hair volumizing iron review

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Pictured: Voloom Hair Volumizer c/o iFABBO / Earrings: Bauble Bar / Shirt: Gap (sold out, also love this one)

I have the type of hair that lays flat and also gets wavy. The one thing my hair does not have is natural volume. I was thrilled when iFABBO offered me the chance to test out Voloom’s Hair Volumizer. I was hoping this would be the device that gave me full hair.

I tested out Voloom’s Hair Volumizer on my hair. In order to use the device you have to pin up your top layer of hair. This is easy to do since Voloom provides you with clips. The idea is that you use Voloom’s Hair Volumizer on the hair under your top layer of hair. The volumizer works by separating your hairs in a checkerboard pattern which adds volume. After you add volume to your bottom and middle layers of hair, you release the clips and let your top layer of hair fall over your middle and bottom layers of hair. 

My hair is quite long and I am overdue for a haircut; so my hair has a lot of weight to it. I used Voloom as directed and did see an increase in volume I was surprised to see an increase in volume in my hair! I look forward to using Voloom every-time I want volume.

Voloom can be found online here.

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