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Gabriela Hearst Nina review

pictured: Gabriela Hearst Nina bag in black / spring nail polish /

Ah, the elusive Gabriela Hearst Nina bag. I purchased my Nina bag in black several years ago, but never wrote a review on it because the bag sold out in a hot minute. Then, the counterfeiters entered the market in droves, so I held off on a review because the real deal was still extremely difficult to come by. Now that the fakes have stopped advertising online, and the real deal is readily available from a few different stores, in a variety of colors, I decided it was time to do a review. After all, this is a beautiful handbag which is downright fun to have in your collection! Love!

I really love my Gabriela Hearst Nina bag! This is a pouch style handbag with a handle that makes it easy to carry hand-held, or on the forearm. The clasp is easy to open and close, although, due to the very open top of the bag, it is best to put it down on a counter or table when reaching inside.

The interior is quite roomy for a small bag. There is a small pocket inside which is a great for a card you need to reach for, such as an ID or similar. You can also fold dollars or receipts and store them in the pocket slot. Otherwise, the main body of the bag offers enough room for a wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, and glasses case, with a bit of room to spare.

The bag itself is on the dressy side, so while you can wear it during the day to spice up a look, it is a bag I reach for when I go out in the evenings. I enjoy wearing mine for dinner, the theater, or going out at night in general. I have worn it during the day when I am in the mood to wear it instead of a shoulder bag or satchel. Sometimes you are just in the mood for a fun bag!

I know a lot of designer bags these days fail to offer the quality they once boasted, and made thier price worthwhile. This is not the case with this Gabriela Hearst bag. The Nina bag is made from extremely soft yet sturdy leather. In the photo below, you can see the excellent condition of the bag, which I have had since 2018. It is also strong, as I have carried it with my camera inside, as well as all the items you see above. My camera is small, but still adds some weight. Full review here.

At this point, the Gabriela Hearst Nina bag has moved from IT status, into a classic and unique bag that stands the test of time. If you are interested in investing in a bag that is fun, and transcends trends, this is a great choice!

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Which color is your favorite? It still sells out quickly, so snap one up while you can!

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Long sleeve dress trend

long sleeve dress trend
saratoga street style
san francisco street style

wearing: golden hoop earrings / long sleeve dress / tank top under dress / black handbag / spring nail polish / suede boots (on sale) /

The long sleeve dress trend! This dress style has been everywhere lately, so when I needed a new look for my wedding anniversary dinner, I decided to wear the long sleeve dress trend. It’s a lot of fun!

Long sleeve dresses this season are short with an a-line silhouette. Since I am short, the dress doesn’t really look as short as it is meant to be; that’s lucky for those of us who don’t want to go too short! haha

Since it is winter, and temperatures dropped into the 40’s, I paired my long sleeve dress with knee boots. I also brought an ivory coat with me which I wore the majority of the night.

bella saratoga italian food

We enjoyed dinner at Bella Saratoga, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Saratoga. If you are local, and haven’t tried it yet, please do! You will love it! My favorite item on the menu is the Fettuccine Blanco pictured above. It’s my go-to when I eat there, so I highly recommend it!

Shop my long sleeve dress outfit online:

This long sleeve dress will also transition into the spring and summer seasons with short boots in the spring, and sandals in the summer. Paired with a straw bag, and it will be a really cute summer look! Love that!

Are you planning on trying the long sleeve dress trend, or have you already tried it? What do you think of this look of the moment?

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*Apologies for the photo quality, these pictures were taken with an iPhone.

long sleeve dress trend dresses

Bags to celebrate on National Handbag Day 2019

Happy National Handbag Day!

To celebrate this fabulous day, I thought it would be fun to mention five bags which have made a recent impact on the handbag world. Hopefully these are all handbags you know and love!

The Ultimate Classic Investment Bag: Chanel Classic Flap or 2.55

chanel 2.55 handbag review

The Current IT Bag: Valentino VSling

valentino vsling handbag

The 21st Century’s Most Famous IT Bag: Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

mansur gavriel it bag

Hardest to get Bag of the Decade: Gabriela Hearst Nina Bag

2018 it bags

Most Affordable IT Bag of the Moment: Staud Shirley

staud clear plastic tote bag

Which bags are you celebrating on National Handbag Day?

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