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The era of real fur in fashion has come to an end

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pictured: wearing my favorite faux fur coat, you can find it online here.

Once upon a time, people hunted for food. When they hunted for food, they used their target for everything they needed to live. This included food, tools, and skin or fur for clothing and shelter. The human race has come a long way since the cave days, or days of living off the land. We use wood to build our home, electricity to heat our homes, and we have a wide variety of fabrics to use for warm clothing. The fact of the matter is, we don’t need to use real fur to stay warm and cozy anymore; those days are long gone.

The anti-fur movement has been happening for decades. When I was in high school, I pledged to never wear real fur; and to also advocate against wearing real fur. I don’t see any point in killing animals solely for their fur. The fur industry can be cruel, and the animals are raised and killed for fashion rather than food. There has been an uproar about the use of real fur in fashion since the mid 1900’s; and now, in 2018, the fashion industry is finally getting it!

In September, several global fashion designers pledged to no longer use real fur in their designs. While a few designers had already been fur free for many seasons, new designers joined the ranks of the fur free crowd. Some of these designers included Michael Kors, Donatella Versace, Gucci, DKNY, Furla, Tom Ford, and Burberry. In fact, London Fashion Week claimed to be fur free in September! Love that!

Designers are not the only ones shunning real fur in their collections. San Francisco recently banned the sale of real fur within the city, and this could start a national, or world-wide trend towards more real fur bans.

Let’s face it, it’s 2018. We have the technology, and the design know-how, to re-create the look of real fur. In fact, faux fur can look and feel almost exactly like real fur; and for a fraction of the price! Plus, faux fur is easy to keep clean and does not need to be in a special storage unit over the warm summer months. Faux fur is just better on all fronts! It’s cruelty-free, it’s more affordable, and it’s easy to clean! Love!

I am a huge fan of faux fur. I love the soft and cozy feel of it. I also love that it is synthetic and no animals were hurt to keep me warm and cozy.

Shop fabulous faux fur around the web:

What are your thoughts on the movement towards faux fur, and banning real fur?

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Urban faux fur in the suburbs

casual faux fur outfit ideaswinter faux fur outfit ideavelvet boots givenchy antigona light blue

wearing: blue tiered earrings c/o BaubleBar / Bobbi Brown lipstick “Plum” / blue, white, black faux fur coat (under $60!!) / long sleeve black tee / distressed boyfriend jeans / small Givenchy Antigona in light blue sugar leather / Chanel fall nail polish / black and rose gold watch / blue velvet booties (so comfy!!)

Every time I attend fashion week in New York in February, I fall more in love with eye-catching faux fur. Insanely crazy looking real fur, and faux fur jackets, coats, and vests are a must-have when attending fashion week in the winter. I love how many fun colors and prints there are in faux fur outerwear. It’s full fledged eye candy! It really goes to show, no-one actually needs real fur. You can have more fun with faux; and it is just as warm and cozy!

When I am in New York, everyone wears faux fur over fabulous trousers, skirts, jumpsuits, and designer denim. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a bit more understated, and casual. I love the idea of a “New York street style” worthy faux fur coat translated into California Casual style.

The first time I spotted this coat, I instantly thought it would be perfect to bring to New York in February for fashion week. Not only is it warm and cozy, it has an eye-catching look which plays well with the fashion week crowd. I hate buying something and only wearing it once, so I decided to go ahead and buy it, but style it to wear here at home.

I love how this faux fur coat looks with casual jeans, and my go-to velvet booties. By pairing it with an understated, basic black tee, the outfit shows off the coat without being too loud. This is turning out to be a great elevated casual outfit I can wear often here in the Bay Area; and this coat will most likely make it into my suitcase this February for fashion week. In New York, I will use it to top off an outfit, not be the outfit.

My friend Dawn, from Fashion Should be Fun, took these photos last week when we met at Santana Row for brunch. It was fun to hang out with her, and enjoy a yummy brunch at The Village California Bistro. This coat was perfect for the cool, rainy weather we had that day!

Are you loving eye-catching faux fur this fall/winter season?

Faux fur casual outfit details:



Photo Credit: Dawn/Fashion Should Be Fun

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Faux fur fall 2017 | coats and jackets

faux fur fall 2017

pictured: faux fur coat / handbag / jeans (old, similar here) / booties (old, similar here)

Faux fur is a huge trend for the fall 2017 season. It was splashed all over the fall/winter 2017/18 runways, and it is taking the streets by storm. This is one runway-to-the-streets trend which cannot be ignored.

I love faux fur fall 2017. The faux fur coats, and faux fur jackets, we are seeing for the fall 2017 season are lighthearted, fun, soft, and so very cozy! There is absolutely no reason to seek out real fur, faux fur has so many more options, is just as soft and cozy, costs less then real fur, and no animals are harmed in the making of it. Love that!

The faux fur fall 2017 trend is two-fold; when it comes to coats, look for styles which hit around the knee. If you are looking more for a faux fur jacket, look for shorter styles which hit at the belt. You may also start to see shoulder pads inside faux fur coats, and faux fur jackets, this fall 2017 season. The 80’s are starting to creep into pockets of fashion, so be on the lookout for powerful, but never exaggerated, shoulders.

Styles of faux fur coats, and faux fur jackets, for the fall 2017 season range from classic, luxurious black, to avant-garde and playful prints, chevron patterns, stripes, and bold hues. Why not brighten up a dreary fall or winter day with a brightly colored, faux fur coat!? Love!

There are faux fur coats and faux fur jackets in all price ranges this autumn season. You can find many styles starting around $100, and for designer labels, you will see faux fur well above $1000. For a good quality, soft, warm and cozy faux fur cover-up, I would recommend looking around in the $250 price range; and up. I have noticed some of the styles under $250 may shed. If you happen upon a faux fur coat or jacket which sheds, you can store it in the freezer overnight before wearing it. This usually helps keep the shedding to a minimum.

Faux fur fall 2017 can be worn casually, or dressed up. This is a great trend because you can invest in one fabulous coat, and wear it for any occasion! Faux fur can be worn with jeans, or over a cocktail dress; it is so versatile! With jackets, the versatility is limited. If you go for a faux fur jacket which has a moto or stadium jacket cut, then it may be too casual to pair with an evening ensemble. If you are looking for something to wear for any occasion, I would recommend a coat versus a jacket. BUT, if you want something on trend, for casual days, a jacket is a great way to go. It is up to you and how you think you will wear it this fall season.

Here are a few faux fur jackets and faux fur coats around the web, you can shop now. I hope you love them!

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉