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Photos taken at the Twiirly Blogger Brunch held during New York Fashion Week at While We Were Young and hosted by Amour Vert.

I am so excited to be writing this! There is a fun, new way to interact with me and pick my brain for beauty, style, fashion, blogging, and work-life-balance information and advice! I have signed up to work with a hot new App named Twiirly. This fabulous fashion app is the perfect way to connect with me, as well as all your favorite bloggers, for a private one-on-one session. My sessions will be available during the week, as well as on the weekends. If you want to book a session with me, and don’t see an opening convenient for you, feel free to DM me through Instagram or send me an email. I am happy to open a session which is convenient for you!

On Twiirly, I will be available to help you with a variety of topics. Let’s chat about skin care, beauty products, styling for events or everyday life, ways to save money while shopping, saving up for a designer piece, blogging, starting a blogging business,  juggling homeschooling and blogging or work, juggling three kids and a blog, or anything you want to ask me!

Work-life-balance is huge as a Mother. As a mother of a daughter with special needs whom I homeschool, juggling my blog, my children’s schedules, volunteer work and more is a huge undertaking. I have learned so much from my experience, I am happy to share it with you and hopefully my information and advice will help you juggle your job, blog, family life, and more!

If you are wondering what makes me qualified to give out advice and information on beauty, fashion, style, work-life-balance, blogging, homeschooling, and starting a business, I will give you the run-down. I have a BA in English from the University of San Francisco followed by an MBA from Dominican University in San Rafael. I am born and bred Bay Area. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area has exposed me to hard working entrepreneurs; many of which are in my family history. My work history follows.

I started my career in retail, as many fashion fans do. I worked for The Limited Corp for seven years in both sales and management. This is where I learned about fashion and style. After The Limited, I worked for Ann Taylor for two years in management where I was responsible for visual merchandising at stores throughout the Bay Area. I created and executed the displays which invited shoppers to see how to style our clothing and accessories. I also worked as a personal shopper/stylist for local celebrities and politicians.

After retail, and earning my MBA, I did the Bay Area thing and worked in tech as a Recruiter, Sales Manager, and HR Manager. Eventually, I ended up at Sprint where I worked in the Human Resources Dept. When I had my first baby, I left the corporate world to raise my children. After having three kids, I was ready to go back to work! I went back as a VP of Sales for a small start-up, but it was too demanding of a job with three small children under the age of five at home. I decided it was time to start my own thing! I founded Bay Area Fashionista as a blog which I was planning to turn into a local fashion magazine. Well, the website got me into freelance fashion journalism where I reported on trends and runways; specifically handbags for print and online publications throughout the country. My blog grew, and I noticed the magazine business was not something to enter into at the moment, so I gave up my freelance work, and started to concentrate on growing Bay Area Fashionista as a personal blog: and voila! I am here today!

As for work-life-balance, I started to homeschool  my special needs daughter three years ago. She has ADHD, learning disabilities, and a 170+ IQ. This makes for a very special child who is not built for the regular school system. We homeschool through an online school where she interacts with a credentialed teacher and I administer or teach the majority of her school work to her. We turn in her schoolwork once a week for grading to her teacher. She is earning straight A’s and is ahead of her grade level in math. I am so proud of her! Juggling her schooling, having her home all the time, my blog, and my other two children’s schedules, is quite a challenge. I have learned a lot about making it all work. If you are trying to juggle children, work, and more, let’s chat about it on Twiirly!

There are a lot of fabulous bloggers on Twiirly, including a large number from the San Francisco Bay Area! Love! So be sure to download the app from the app store and Twiirly with me! I am excited to chat with you, and I know you will enjoy connecting with the other bloggers too. Twiirly on!

You can learn more about Twiirly at and you can download the app online here.

L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic: my picks

L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic debuted online today and in stores around the country. As a huge fan of L’Wren Scott, and a huge Banana Republic customer, this collaboration, for me, is made in heaven. In fact, shopping the L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic collection today was definitely my Christmas present for 2013!

The L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic collection features classic holiday pieces such as a beautiful black “crackle” suit, sparkling sequin cardigan’s and classic, festive dresses. These pieces will not only look fabulous this holiday season, they can be enjoyed for many holiday seasons to come!

The accessories, blouses and jeans can also be worn in any fall season for years to come; they too are classic. Love that!

Since the L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic collection is absolutely fabulous, I thought I would share my favorite pieces from the collection with you. To shop the L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic collection online, please click here; or on the photos below. 

Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

My L’Wren Scott for Banana Republic picks:


Santana Row Fall 2013 Style Stroll

DSC0297 DSC0301 DSC0318 DSC0310 DSC0303 DSC0331 DSC0346

Thank you to everyone who came out on September 14, 2013 for the Santana Row Style Stroll! The event was a huge success and raised much-needed funds for the Junior League of San Jose. It was really fun meeting so many of you and talking about the fall trends!
I was stationed as a Guest Stylist at Cole Haan which has a fabulous selection of on-trend accessories for fall 2013 including leopard print handbags and pointed toe pumps! If you were unable to attend the Style Stroll at Santana Row last Saturday, please try to stop by the Cole Haan store soon! They have an amazing selection of shoes and handbags; as well as the perfect flats for everyday!
A few of my picks from Cole Haan’s fall collection are below. Thank you for supporting the Junior League of San Jose at the Santana Row Style Stroll!

My outfit details: Necklace: Stella & Dot / Dress: Diane Von Furstenburg / Cuff: A.V. Max NYC / Lipstick: c/o Laura Mercier “Myth” / Shoes: Valentino / Nail Polish: Chanel Alchemie / Handbag: Chloe