Shoulder Bags for fall 2022

shoulder bags fall 2022

Shoulder bags fall 2022 from top left: classic black bag (see my review here) (under $500) / caramel and chain strap bag (under $1000) / black square bag / dark brown and gold shoulder bag (under $1000) / floral clasp handbag (under $500) / ivory stamped croc handbag /

The pendulum is swinging back to classic and quiet handbags, and I am here for it! Logomania is tired. This fall is all about timeless quality; a move back towards investment dressing and understated luxury. No matter the price range, a chic box bag is the ultimate shoulder bag to carry this fall season. Love!

Shoulder bags for fall 2022 are structured, not soft. They also tend to be square, or close to being a square. If you see a shoulder bag which is an obvious rectangle, it belongs in the east/west category; which is also a chic silhouette for the fall season.

If you have been following along, you may have seen my review for the DeMellier Vancouver bag. This is my new shoulder bag for fall and I am in love with it! The pebbled leather is soft, yet the bag offers that classic and on trend structure we all crave this fall season. Since I purchased a black bag, I may add another structured shoulder bag from the above collage in another color. I love the ivory bag and maybe something in caramel or light beige.

You might be asking yourself if your Chanel flap or 2.55 will work for the fall season, and if you have one, you the answer is yes! Although the classic Chanel shoulder bags tend to be rectangles, they are structured and classic. You can rock them during the day as well as into the evening. So, stop letting them accumulate dust in your closet and wear them! I have a chocolate brown classic flap I plan to pull out for fall. Maybe my ivory 2.55 too.

Another thing this fall, we are going back to wearing our handbags on our shoulders, not cross body. Of course, if you are running errands or chasing a small child, by all means, wear your bag cross body and free up those hands! If not, it’s time to go back to wearing your bag on your shoulder. That’s what’s hot!

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What is your favorite shoulder bag style this fall season? Do you plan to rock the box bag trend?

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