Best of BAF Weekly IT List 2023

top selling products 2023

The best of the BAF Weekly IT List from top left: black satchel / Chanel nail polish, pink, lavender, blue / blue sweater / golden hoops / silver bracelet / green handbag / black shoulder bag / caramel hobo bag / black boots / straw tote / top handle bag /

Well, it is quite obvious that 2023 was all about chic, timeless style with a little bit of sass on our nails; with the exception of pink, that is a very classic hue!

As we move into the new year, timeless handbags, clothing and accessories will continue to rule the fashion landscape. We will also start to see more pastels as we move into spring and summer mixed in with soft neutrals. What is interesting about this, is that you already shopped this way in 2023! So, chances are, your wardrobe is ready for the new year. Isn’t investment dressing fabulous? Love!

The best of the BAF Weekly IT List 2023:

What were your favorite buys in 2023?

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