Gucci nail polish spring 2023 review

gucci nail polish spring 2023 review

Gucci nail polish spring 2023 from left: Gucci Vantine Fuchsia / Gucci Lucy Baby Blue / Gucci Cecilia Ivory /

How pretty are these colors from Gucci for spring 2023! Love! So, I know I have been talking about neutral nail polish being a thing, but I got so bored of neutrals, I needed something a little bit more fun for the upcoming spring season. It’s been awhile since I reviewed Gucci nail polish, so I decided to dive into their spring collection, and I am so glad I did!

While many designers are showing neutral hues for nails this spring 2023 season, Gucci is ignoring the trend and giving us beautiful spring hues for the warm weather season; and I am here for it! There is a fabulous fuchsia, a yellowish ivory, and light denim blue. These colors are fun and joyful; exactly what we need for spring!

I’ve decided I want some fun colors for spring to mix with my neutrals. You know I like to alternate my nails! So, without further ado, here are the three cheery hues from Gucci for the spring 2023 season, all shown with one base coat, and two coats of color, no top coat.

Gucci nail polish spring 2023 | Gucci Vantine Fuchsia

gucci vantine fuchsia nail polish spring 2023

Gucci Vantine Fuchsia nail polish is a fun, candy pink fuchsia which is bright and makes me wants to eat candy; literally! This is such a great color for anyone looking for a bright hue for spring. I think for me, this will be perfect for my toes!

Gucci nail polish spring 2023 | Gucci Cecilia Ivory

gucci cecilia ivory nail polish spring 2023 review

This yellowish ivory hue from Gucci for spring is oddly inviting. I normally shy away from ivory or white nails, but there is something I love about this color. I think it is the yellow hue which is so slight, it makes the ivory interesting. I think this is the perfect replacement for a neutral nail if you strongly dislike neutral nails. I plan to wear Cecilia Ivory often.

Gucci nail polish spring 2023 | Gucci Lucy Baby Blue

gucci lucy baby blue nail polish spring 2023 review

Well, as you know, I love blue nail polish colors! So obviously, I am wearing Lucy Baby Blue right now as I type this. This light, denim blue hue is cool and has a slight lavender undertone. I am in love! This will be my spring go-to when I need fun on my nails. I am so bored of neutral nails already! Let’s have some fun with this blue!

Well, those are the three nail polish colors for spring 2023 from Gucci. What do you think? I feel like these are fabulous alternatives to the shades of pink, red and orange other designers are putting out there. I love having fun alternatives.

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