Winter 2020 capsule wardrobe

Casual Winter Capsule Wardrobe

casual winter capsule wardrobe 2020

Winter capsule wardrobe 2020 from left: medium blue scarf / light blue scarf / grey cardigan sweater / blue long sleeve tee / charcoal long sleeve tee / black long sleeve tee / gold hoop earrings / silver statement earrings / blue and silver earrings / black leggings (under $25) / skinny jeans / black belt / bootcut jeans /

Winter is underway! Now that the holiday season has passed, it is time to put together my winter capsule wardrobe. Thank you for all the great feedback after I posted my holiday capsule wardrobe in early November. I’m so glad you enjoy this series! Since the holiday season shares roughly the same weather pattern as the winter season, my capsule wardrobe for winter is not very different from the holidays. The big difference is, instead of a focus on holiday green/red, this capsule wardrobe focuses on the color of 2020, which is Classic Blue! Yay!!

As you can tell, my casual, everyday capsule wardrobe for winter is almost identical to the one I showed you for the holiday season. The big difference is that I swapped the earrings, and changed the key color. The red tee and earrings have been replaced with their blue counter-parts; and the green scarf has been replaced with two blue ones. I have owned this light blue scarf, and this medium blue scarf for a few years now, so it was easy to add them into the rotation for the winter season. You probably don’t need two scarves for the season, unless you live somewhere really cold. I would recommend picking your favorite blue hue, and investing in one scarf.

As far as denim trends are concerned, we are still seeing cropped denim, skinny jeans, and boot-cut jeans in the new year. So, I am sticking with boot-cut and skinny since they are the most flattering styles on me. I also have a pair of leggings in my winter capsule wardrobe since they are comfortable; and ideal for ultra casual days.

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When it comes to earrings, I put my sparkles away until a special occasion comes up, and for the next holiday season. I pulled out a pair of large, classic hoops for fun; and my blue earrings, and silver earrings for day-to-day wear. Stay tuned for another post about my winter shoe capsule!

Dressier winter capsule wardrobe 2020

dressy winter capsule wardrobe 2020

Dressier winter capsule wardrobe 2020 from left: full length coat with belt / long sleeve blue tee / ivory knit turtleneck / black knit turtleneck / large gold hoop earrings / silver statement earrings / blue and silver earrings / medium blue scarf / skinny jeans / black belt / black and white pleated skirt /

Not every day is casual during the winter months, therefore, we all need a dressier winter capsule wardrobe for the office, dinner dates, and other occasions. Sometimes you can dress up jeans with high heel booties, and other times we need to ditch the jeans (gasp!) and put on a skirt paired with knee boots-for ultimate warmth on cold days.

This coat is an instant outfit enhancer! It can make any pair of denim look structured, and it adds a dressy vibe when thrown over almost anything. The belt helps give it shape too. Love it!

These knit tops are also great for dressing up a casual look. They have a more put-together look than a long sleeve tee, and can instantly elevate any look. I’m looking forward to dressing up this season using this capsule wardrobe!

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Winter around here does not last too long, so this should carry me thought January and February. How long does winter last where you live?

Stay tuned for my winter handbag capsule wardrobe-coming up soon!

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