Chanel spring 2020 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish spring 2020 review

chanel spring 2020 nail polish review

Chanel nail polish spring 2020 from left: Chanel Mirage nail polish / Chanel Daydream nail polish /

It’s here! You know I love it when the new Chanel nail polish colors come out! The spring 2020 beauty collection from Chanel has two beautiful hues for the upcoming warm weather season; and I am excited about it!

There is a classic spring pink named Chanel Daydream, which evokes a spring picnic vibe. It’s a vibrant, chic pink which is perfect for understated nails this spring 2020 season. Chanel also created a fun, dark mauve with purple undertones named Chanel Mirage. If you are looking for a more edgy spring nail polish color, this is the hue for you!

So, without further ado, here are the two nail polish colors from Chanel’s spring 2020 beauty collection!

Chanel nail polish spring 2020: Chanel Mirage nail polish

chanel nail polish spring 2020 chanel mirage

This is my favorite hue in the spring nail polish collection. It offers a warm weather vibe while still remaining fresh and new. Mirage by Chanel also plays well with spring 2020’s color palette and “Classic Blue,” the color of 2020. Since I love wearing shades of blue, this is the perfect hue to compliment a neutral and blue wardrobe this spring season. Loving it!

Chanel nail polish spring 2020: Chanel Daydream nail polish

chanel daydream nail polish spring 2020

If you love a classic nail, Chanel Daydream is the spring color you have been literally “daydreaming” about! This is a great nail color if you work in a professional environment, or if you prefer to keep your personal style timeless. It’s also understated and feminine, love that! I plan to wear it this spring when I need a more toned down look, or I have business meetings in a professional environment.

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What is your favorite color from the spring collection?

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