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kona coffee farm tour mountain thunder coffee farm kona

One of the crops the Big Island is famous for is coffee. Kona coffee is arguably some of the smoothest, most luxurious coffee in the world. If you are a coffee connoisseur, you know what I am talking about! While I don’t drink coffee often now, when I used to drink it all the time, Kona coffee was always my favorite. So visiting a Kona coffee farm while visiting the Big Island was a no-brainer.

Now, when I say Kona coffee, I mean 100% Kona coffee. Not the coffee found in most supermarkets and big box stores which claim to be Kona coffee. If you look closely at the boxes of those mass-marketed brands, you will find they only contain 10% Kona coffee. The rest of the beans are from other countries, and are inferior to the premium beans grown in Kona. There is a huge difference! Don’t pay for Kona coffee marketing, if you are going to pay for Kona coffee, be sure to read the fine print. It must say 100% Kona to have that Kona coffee deliciousness.

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Although my kids don’t drink coffee, and I only drink it occasionally, I thought it would be cool to take my kids to a coffee farm and see how it is produced. After all, it’s one of Kona’s biggest farming industries; and they are famous for it!

There are many coffee farms in Kona which offer tours. Some tours are free, while others are not. I was thrilled to find Mountain Thunder Coffee Farm in Kona while googling. They not only offered free tour, they were a quick fifteen drive from our hotel. That’s win-win!

The farm is small, but the tour is broad and informative. For forty-five minutes we learned about Kona’s coffee industry, coffee history, and how coffee is produced. We toured a few plants, saw machinery, and learned so much! The farm is family owned, and they take their business seriously. After the tour, we were able to taste all of their coffee varieties, and they were so good! My favorite was the organic followed by the French Roast. If you love coffee, this is the farm to tour!

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My kids tasted a little bit of coffee too, but they really enjoyed the chocolate covered coffee beans. Um, so did I! They were delicious! If you visit, buy a can of them! You will thank me when you taste them . Yum!

You can learn more about Mountain Thunder Coffee Farm in Kona on their website.

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