Summer 2018 handbag trends: Straw Bags

summer 2018 handbag trends straw bags

straw bags for summer from top left: watermelon bag / natural and blue straw circle bag / picnic basket bag / box pom pom bag / pink straw circle bag / pink and natural straw satchel / circle sun tote / blue and natural straw tote /

Summer 2018 handbag trends are starting to pour onto store shelves, and city streets. One of the biggest trends in handbags for the summer season happens to be straw bags. This classic beach-side bag started to gain popularity last year alongside the bamboo bag trend. While bamboo bags are still hotter than hot for summer 2018, straw bags are tied for first place.

Straw bags for summer 2018 are so much fun! Instead of a bunch of different natural colored bags, designers are giving us colors, kitschy shapes, and circles! So. Many. Circles! If you haven’t picked up a circle bag yet, this is a great way to get one! A straw circle bag is the ultimate straw bag shape for the summer season, followed by a small tote or satchel.

In addition to shapes, straw bags for summer 2018 are featuring pom poms, tassels, and tied on scarves; which you can style yourself with a favorite scarf from your drawer. You will also find fruit, flowers, stripes, and suns on straw bags this summer 2018 season.

The fun thing about this summer 2018 handbag trend, is that it can be worn both on the street, and the beach; and of course, the pool! Sand particles move in and out of the woven straw, so you won’t come home from the beach with a bag full of sand. They will also survive light rain, and splashes from the pool. Straw bags are quite handy in warm weather!

You can wear a straw bag for summer 2018 with almost any style of warm weather attire. They look fabulous with shorts and flip flops as well as brunch dresses, skirts, and the like. I love a bag that dresses up and down! Plus, they tend to be a lot less expensive then leather bags. Love that!

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