Guerlain rouge lipstick in 62 Georgia review

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Guerlain Rouge lipstick is a lightweight, cream lipstick which includes it’s own compact mirror. I love how this lipstick comes with it’s own mirror. It is quite handy when you have a small handbag or clutch, and need to save space. Love it!

Normally I shy away from cream lipsticks, but sometimes an occasion, or an outfit, calls for more lip color then a sheer lipstick can provide. When looking for cream lipsticks, I always look for ones which do not run, smudge, cake, or add weight. My lips do not need to weight-lift during the day thank you very much.

This cream lipstick by Guerlain is just perfect. It does not add weight, never smudges, doesn’t run, and stays put on my lips. Love! Plus, did I mention the cute little compact mirror? 😉

I chose Georgia 62 as a nice contrast for spring in my lipstick collection. Most of my lipsticks are either beige, golden, or vampy; which is in line with spring 2017’s lipstick trend. Sometimes I just want a classic color, and to eschew trends for certain moods or activities. This classic, pinkish coral hue is perfect for just that.

The Guerlain Rouge collection of lipsticks is fabulous when I need a cream lipstick. This is my first Guerlain lipstick and I love it. I am looking forward to adding more to my collection in the future.

You can find Guerlain Rouge Georgia 62 lipstick online here, and the entire Guerlain Rouge lipstick collection online here.

guerlain rouge georgia 62

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