Laura Mercier Attitude nail polish for summer 2014 review


Pictured: c/o Laura Mercier “Attitude” nail polish from the summer 2014 collection. Photo taken in direct sunlight. Shown with two coats of color, one base coat and no top coat.

Laura Mercier’s new “Attitude” nail polish is a fabulous pale blue nail colour which appears almost white in dark light. The pale blue hue lends a fresh take on ice blue nail polish for the summer 2014 season while staying true to the current pastel trend from the runways.

Pastels are an important color trend for the spring/summer 2014 season. The pastel color palette was spotted on the runways in New York, Paris, Milan and London and has proven to be popular on the streets in spring 2014. Although brights and neons are important for the summer 2014, the pastel color palette is carrying over from spring into summer; and proving to be equally important in the world of color.

Laura Mercier’s “Attitude” nail polish is the perfect pastel blue for the summer 2014 season. This icy blue hue not only blends well with pastels, it offers an almost-white feel when paired with attire in bright or neon hues. This makes it an easy, almost neutral, nail polish color to wear all week long as you change your daily attire from pastels one day, to neon hues the next. Love that!

I tested Laura Mercier’s “Attitude” nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat; no top coat. The nail polish was incredibly chip resistant even though I did some heavy housecleaning during the week without wearing gloves. “Attitude” by Laura Mercier did not chip during the week I wore the nail polish. This is always a plus, because in the summer months, we are a little bit more active. Having chip resistant nail polish is very important!

Laura Mercier’s “Attitude” nail polish is part of Laura Mercier’s limited edition summer 2014 beauty collection. “Attitude” by Laura Mercier can be found online here and here.

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