Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish review for summer 2014


Pictured: Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish for summer 2014. Photo taken in light shade on a sunny day. Two coats of color, one base coat, no top coat.

Chanel’s summer 2014 nail polish colors are here! The colors are bright, playful, and perfect for the upcoming fun-filled summer months. Pink Tonic by Chanel is a bright, neon fuchsia hue which will definitely attract attention this summer 2014 season. The bright, neon color of Pink Tonic blends well with the seasons’ neon color palette, plays well with neutrals, and adds a little kick to pastel shades of pink, purple, green and blue.

Every year Chanel dictates the “IT” color in nail polish, and summer 2014 is no different. For summer 2014 we are looking at a mix of pastel hues, white, and neon brights for nail polish. Chanel Pink Tonic is a great nail polish color for the summer 2014 season since it is a bright pink hue which is easy to wear.

Although not a neutral color, Pink Tonic by Chanel plays well with the majority of colors in the summer 2014 color palette. This will make Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish easy to wear this summer, and perfect for the hot weather season. Love that!

I tested out Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish with one base coat and two coats of color; no top coat. Chanel pink Tonic nail polish lasted five days before chipping and seven days before needing to be redone. The color is smooth and shiny; no matte or sparkles. You could try a matte top coat with Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish, although, I personally love the high shine of the nail polish and would not want to dull it with a matte top coat.

Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish is a limited edition nail polish for the summer 2014 season. You can find Chanel Pink Tonic nail polish online here and here.

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