Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Brigitte for spring 2014 review


Photo: Lipstick c/o Laura Mercier “Brigitte” / Dress / Rings 

Laura Mercier’s new spring 2014 collection offers warm and fresh hinges of color which leave your beauty look fresh and natural. This is an important beauty look for the spring since apparel is offering bright colors, patterns and prints. A natural, fresh beauty look will compliment and not compete with the styles of the season.

I was thrilled to see “Brigitte” by Laura Mercier for the spring. As a huge fan of last year’s “60’s Pink,”  I was looking forward to a light colored lip for the warm weather season in an updated color. Laura Mercier’s “Brigitte” lipstick delivers on my wish. “Brigitte” is a pale peach lipstick hue which is soft and warm. I have found this color works perfectly with apparel in shades of blue, pink, green, yellow and mixed prints which include these colors. 

Heavy make-up has never been  my style; especially since heavy make-up is frowned upon here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a natural make-up kind of place! This makes Laura Mercier’s new “Brigitte” lipstick the perfect go-to lipstick of the season. It will work perfectly with the current color palette and blend well with the season’s biggest trends. Love that!

Laura Mercier’s “Brigitte” has also been my go-to lipstick at New York Fashion Week this week; it has been long lasting and moisturizing. Love that! I am looking forward to wearing Laura Mercier’s “Brigitte” lipstick all through spring 2014!

Laura Mercier’s “Brigitte” Creme Smooth Lip Colour in “Brigitte” is priced at $26 and can be found online here.

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