Laura Mercier spring 2013 lipstick review

Lipstick for spring 2013 is going in two different directions; pale or bright. Pale lipstick works perfectly with the season’s hot “Mod” trend and also blends easily with spring’s colorful eye shadow trend. Pale lipstick is a fabulous way to keep your lipstick from competing with your blue or green eye shadow!

The bright lipstick trend is on the other side of the spring 2013 beauty spectrum. Bright lips work perfectly with light and neutral eye shadow; a huge trend when wearing prints or a neutral color palette this season.

Laura Mercier sent us two lipsticks for spring 2013 to test out; “60’s Pink” and “Girly.” Both lipsticks are light pink and work perfectly with the Mod trend. Love them!

“60’s Pink” is a pale pink hue which blends easily with colorful eye shadow. The shade also works with spring 2013’s bright color palettes, neon hues and vivid pastels. Love it!

“Girly” is a slightly darker pink than “60’s Pink.” “Girly” also works well with colorful eye shadow, but since the pink is slightly darker than “60’s Pink,” “Girly” can easily be worn with neutral eye shadow as well as a natural face.

Laura Mercier lipsticks are nourishing and do not dry out the lips. I wore “60’s Pink” and “Girly” on two different days for a full day. The lipsticks did not dry out my lips and kept their color for several hours. I rate Laura Mercier’s lipsticks five out of five stars!

I highly recommend “60’s Pink for spring/summer 2013; especially if you plan to wear bright hues, color blocking and/or the Mod trend. “Girly” is a fabulous, classic light pink hue which is a great staple to have in your lipstick collection for any season.

To shop Laura Mercier lipstick, please visit or click on the photos in the shopping widget below. I included my favorite Laura Mercier lipstick hues for spring 2013 in the shopping widget. Hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 


Lipsticks c/o Laura Mercier